The story of the man who sold his name and now want to sell your future

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    The story of the man who sold his name and now want to sell your future

    Jason Zook is a man who sold his name, and now proposes to go further, putting its future sale.

    Can a man to sell your future? It seems that target=”_blank”> Yes. Let’s review the facts and see first, who is this enigmatic subject. The story begins with a very with the times today crazy venture. The challenge:. Convince the big brands that you could t sell advertising using social media

    The result was that Jason was about two thousand customers and it raised approximately one million dollars . Among them, we can count companies of the caliber of Starbucks or Nissan. The idea of ​​being a flesh advertising media like YouTube href=”” , USTREAM or Facebook had worked wonders


    Over time he felt his idea was to evolve somehow, so had no better idea to remove his name and make it available to anyone who would buy that “advertising space”. Renamed then: Jason “Headsetsdotcom” and then Jason “SurfrApp” to and should become Jason Zook. The reason why he did not return to the original (Jason Sadler) is that his father figure was not very stable in its infancy. So much so that step by various names. Stein, Hantzsche and finally Sadler

    This brings us to the present and finally to the latest draft Jason: Sell future .

    How begins this idea? He says, checking his diary, he concluded that he did not like to sell things. His “love”, as it somehow was put into creating. However, in order to focus all their time on this task calls for US $ 1,000 to change. If someone wants to finance you should only provide money and get access to future projects.

    But it also gives access to the things he did in his past. This means that investors can access their books and video lessons, etc. The project ends October 6 . Those who choose to make the investment gain access to the channel Jason Slack, where they can follow in detail the evolution of things.


    The story of the man who sold his name and now want to sell your future
    October 3, 2015

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