The top 10 most downloaded apps for iPhone and iPad

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    For the story of this week we turn the report last September The App Date , a reference community with respect to the field of mobile applications. This report shows the ranking most downloaded apps in Spain .

    All fit within the category of leisure and entertainment, so this really gives us a hint of the habits we have in our spare time. And no doubt about it, the vast majority of Spanish can not live without mobile applications and we lose. And the report confirms The App Date since discharged apps 2.7 million a day in Spain , and one four of us make use of mobile applications.

    On the other hand, as a mere detail, calls attention to the list of ten applications, six of them are Spanish Movisol Developer , specializing in apps entertainment, information and productivity .

    Now we just have to see why these ten applications have much pull. In addition, the task is relatively simple because they are all free. A download away!


    iOS app (Free)


    Applying Ideateca is one of the few that can boast having over 15 million million downloads worldwide, and is installed in the third step of the podium of most downloaded apps in the United States. Simplicity is the key to success, because it is a hundred percent addictive game. The only objective is to score the maximum number of balls in the 90 seconds that heading. As in real basketball, throws three granted us more points, the clean baskets will give us extra time, and if we consummate our score is multiplied shooters. iBasket also includes a comprehensive ranking and daily so we can compete with players around the world, and is integrated with Facebook Connect to compare scores and challenge our contacts. Pure passion for basketball.

    talkings Collection (Tom, talkative cat)

    iOS (Free)


    The collection of applications ‘chattering’ is also causing a stir among users. Specializing, we were applying Tom, talkative cat , developed by Out Fit 7 . Fun, laughs and entertainment are guaranteed because Tom is our favorite pet repeating everything we say funny voice and responds to our caresses and endearments. This original and fun app lets you record your own videos of Tom, store and share your library through Youtube and Facebook .

    Your ideal weight

    iOS app (Free )


    As its name suggests, the application of Movisol gives us the ability to know what our ideal weight, based on the assumptions of age and height. Moreover, we give two different results: the body mass index and the popular taste. The Plus + version of the application brings an intuitive and simple interface that allows you to keep track of your weight and BMI changes, in addition to setting a date for achieving your goal. In short, this app helps us to know if we are overweight, we’re thin or to our ideal weight.

    life test

    iOS (Free)


    This application Movisol answers one of the questions we are often years how we live? Believe it or not, the life Test is able to offer an estimate of our life expectancy by simply answering a few simple questions. It also offers a series of recommendations for a healthier life, because life expectancy depends on many factors such as habits, lifestyle and even hereditary. Now we just need to know if we are prepared to continue to learn how years alive and kicking.


    iOS app (Free )


    Although this is an entertainment application, pure and simple, the challenge that we face is tempting: our IQ measure. To this end, the Movisol app has carefully selected a battery of questions. Our answers will enable us to meet our own Instantly IQ , and compare it with other users. Of course, a quick response will contribute to a more accurate assessment, but considering that a real assessment requires the help of a professional in this field. Incidentally, the Lite version of Tontómetro lets us know the correct answers to correct for errors.

    What is your mental age?

    iOS (Free)


    If you have asked us, surely the people around us we dropped, but maybe our mental age does not correspond to our actual chronological age. What is your mental age? , developed by Movisol , we cleared this existential doubt, and we uncover our true mental age by a simple test. After all, what really matters is what you have inside, no?

    What hemisphere of the brain you use?

    iOS (Free)


    Another application of Movisol centered discover ourselves and how we operate within. This time, What hemisphere of the brain you use? lets us know whether left or right side is more dominant than the other, even though all people use both sides. That is if we are more logical and more intuitive when addressing and solving our problems. Thus, the app presents a new test to discover our dominant side of the brain, know how to process the additional infos even change our thinking. This is to test our brain power.

    Talking Rapper

    iOS app (free)


    Follow the line and dynamics of Tom, the cat talkative, but Talking Rapper, developed by Talking Toys , presents a fun and funky rapper who repeats what we say and respond to our tact. And with Talking Rapper music enter through our veins with endless rhythms and sounds, making scratching and even the occasional drawing graffiti on the wall. And of course, we can record it and share it all with friends and contacts.

    Am I in love?

    iOS app (Free)


    We promise, is the latest list but Movisol us again a test to be sure. Toy love? provides data to verify the degree of infatuation in which we are connected with another person, knowing the affinity that unites us and discover some data ourselves we did not know until now. But the application goes a step further and gives us clues and phrases to love that person we like. Come on, no more no less that hung in his hands, as advocated Carlos Baute.

    Four in a row

    iOS (Free)


    Applying Optime Software is like the Connect 4 of a lifetime, but this does not mean to stop being an addictive game. Our mission is none other than the place four pieces in a row from our color before our opponents on the grid. Through Game Center have the chance to play well against our friends or random opponents, using the new multiplayer option turns. A function that allows us to be in the running up to 16 games simultaneously. Quite a challenge, but there are too many items to it? Clearly Four in a row We are required to demonstrate a good level of concentration.

    The top 10 most downloaded apps for iPhone and iPad
    October 20, 2012

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