The undead are bad companions in Zombie Road Trip

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    long distance trips by car can be a real annoyance. Between that sleep you legs, you have to stay awake despite how boring the landscape and there’s nothing on the radio these pathways we tested. But what if, in addition to all that trouble you had with your back to a mob of hungry zombies and you had to drive with one hand and shoot with the other? The trip is suddenly much more bearable, and that’s the premise of Zombie Road Trip .

    Gameplay Zombie Road Trip is based on the of a runner either, ie we have to get as far as possible in one go , and try to improve our record every time we try. Unlike other games, we will not walk, but aboard a filthy vehicle that will allow us to get very far before plunging into the crowds of zombies. Some zombies are not only part of a tide of bodies drawing near to us, but are scattered throughout the level. That is when we have to use the weapon we have attached to our vehicle to remove them before they hit us and slow us down.

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    So how do you go faster? Well, we must seize the rugged geography of post-apocalyptic world in which we find ourselves, and spectacular jumps each occasion we have . We will have two checks, each for turning the car to the side corresponding with those who have to play with the position of the car before the fall. If we get a perfect fall on all four wheels will increase our speed. In the most difficult moments we have to be aware of our fall while shooting our weapon (by pressing anywhere on the screen), so the thing gradually becomes more and more tricky.


    Sooner or later we will be trapped by zombies, and that’s when we can spend collected coins along the way to buy vans with better features, or more powerful weapons. Or rather can improve what we have thanks to updates , which cost less. Finally there are the gadgets, considerably more expensive but are those who will be most helpful to us, warning if zombies ahead or improving traction. The beauty of this system is that although there are definitely better combinations than others, it really depends on a lot of our style of play. Perhaps it is better to invest more in a car that breaks Stamina well instead of spending money on a faster but uncontrollable, and the same goes for weapons.


    Zombie Road Trip is free , and is financed by advertising banners that appear from time to time and micropayments for coins, although the latter does not seem to be essential.

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    The undead are bad companions in Zombie Road Trip
    February 14, 2013

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