The US opens an investigation of national security against the social network TikTok

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    The united states has opened a research national security against the chinese company that owns the social network TikTok, Beijing ByteDance Technology, for censoring content and the management of personal data of users, according to have informed sources with knowledge of the case.The investigations focus on the musical app, which was purchased two years ago for billions of dollars by the chinese company, although u.s. lawmakers have called in recent weeks to determine whether it is censoring content, and how to store personal data.The Committee on Foreign Investment in the united States (CFIUS), which reviews the business of foreign buyers for potential risks to national security, is in charge of the research on, TikTok not asked permission to CFIUS when you purchased the application musical, which empowers the commission to inquire into the operation. According to sources, CFIUS is in talks with TikTok to take measures that will avoid that you have to dispose of the assets of”While we cannot comment on the regulatory processes on course, TikTok has made it clear that our highest priority is to earn the trust of the users and the regulators of the united States,” said a spokesman of TikTok.TikTok has become increasingly popular among teens americans in a time of rising tension between Washington and Beijing by the trade war between the two countries. Around 60 per cent of the 26.5 million monthly active users of TikTok in the united States are between 16 and 24 years old.
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    The US opens an investigation of national security against the social network TikTok
    November 1, 2019

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