The Visitor Center of Apple Park opens to the public on the 17th of November

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    The Visitor Center’s new campus, Apple Park will open its doors to the public on Friday, November 17. The information comes from an e-mail internal sent to the employees of the company. That same date also appears on a poster located in Apple Park, but does not indicate a specific schedule for the completion of the opening.

    The Visitor Center would have a gift shop with products of the brand Apple, the same type that are offered at One Infinite Loop, but it does not count with the full stock of an Apple Store.

    Before the public release of 17 November, Apple has invited the residents of Cupertino to know the Visitor Center on Thursday, November 16, 3.00 pm to 8:00. To be able to enter must have a document with a photograph confirming the address in the vicinity.

    The Apple Park Visitor Center features a deck of observation in the ceiling that allows you to have a general view of the building in the form of a ring of the campus, and will also feature a cafe, an outside area to sit and tables in your interior.


    The Visitor Center of Apple Park opens to the public on the 17th of November
    November 9, 2017

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