The Walking Dead 6 × 04: every drop

The Walking Dead 6 × 04: every drop

What is your name? Kill me! That is a stupid name, you should cambiártelo. It’s dangerous.

This week we take a break from the main plot, and travel a few months last Morgan to discover the transformation that the character lived the reasons that led him to adopt his philosophy of life today.

The last time Rick saw him was in that episode in which he, Michone and Carl arrive in a village where Morgan has placed traps all sides and in his delirium almost killed when trying to cross through its territory. Rick and company take several of its provisions, including weapons, and leave behind. Morgan seems completely lost, but Rick seems to think he can get out of that it, not have time and resources to help.

The man who made cheese

 The Walking Dead 6x04

The death of Duane left Morgan completely broken, and the solitude in which he was buried did nothing but consume his sanity slowly . For a long time Morgan was devoted to “cleanse” the land, he convinced himself that the only reason he was still alive is to kill anyone who gets in his way himself. And did just that, until it got to the man who made cheese.

In the episode we see an obsessive, wild Morgan, which acts almost automatically when they see something alive. Your immediate response is to kill. he has ceased to feel any emotion, perhaps not to feel the pain of their loss . Morgan is dangerous, and Rick knew, so he left it behind.

But Morgan has the Lucky? meeting with Eastman , a man who desperately tries to hold on to his humanity in a world where death walks the streets. Someone who needs to believe that all life is valuable . Someone who believes that we are not made to kill, and seeking their own inner peace decided not to kill anything anymore.

Do not kill. Even the most evil person.

 The Walking Dead 6x04

Eastman teaches Morgan deflect aggression from other , teaches “aikido”, a Japanese martial art that unites philosophical and religious beliefs. Aikido practitioners try to defend themselves while their attackers prevent harm comes. A Eastman has saved his life once, and eventually save the lives of Morgan.

Unfortunately it is a very dangerous philosophy to practice in such a hostile world . Eastman seems to have managed to rehabilitate his book Morgan art of peace, a few days behind bars that do not close, and the company of a friendly goat ending unnecessarily as food for zombies. Why did they have to kill Tabitha ?! It was not necessary, miserable writers.

As expected, Eastman bites the dust after being bitten. But she not before confessing that yes starved the murderer of his family. Something not brought no peace to his life.

Morgan has suffered a lot and has transformed several times, but Morgan still dangerous. Try to save a psychopath in the middle of the forest with the only company of a dairy goat is not the same to keep an imminent threat in the basement of a house and endanger others only by the need to prove that people can change . While waiting to discover the fate of Glenn, we were also waiting to see how the noble but delusional decision of Morgan, will explode in your face sooner or later

 The Walking Dead 6x04


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The Walking Dead 6 × 04: every drop

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