‘The Witness’, the minimalist sandbox. The indies will also be on PS4

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    Playstation Meeting has been overwhelming. More than two hours when Sony has fired all their artillery. The support of large companies to PS4 has been total, but if you want to win this war, besides the expensive elite troops also have to have the guerrillas.

    Jonathan Blow , this curious character (to me at least makes me nervous) that is able to succeed in the scene with an exercise in introspection as ‘Braid’ , has launched its new project. ‘The Witness’ is a sandbox, but forget preconceived ideas about the concept.

    Jonathan Blow has secured that, despite the breadth of her colorful world, all ‘The Witness’ is placed consciousness. Nothing superfluous spaces where there is nothing to do (as in the vast majority of Sandbox), here comes a freak since you turn the console until the turn off.

    The look of the game is delicious, and appreciated the freshness indie Break into a clone game catalog (yes, the is scary, but what is proposed is the same old thing and you know it). I am willing to learn this strange language that appears lines ‘The Witness’ . That’s what we should call the new generation, new ways to be able to redefine what we already know.

    ‘The Witness’, the minimalist sandbox. The indies will also be on PS4
    Source: www.techradar.com  
    February 21, 2013

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