The Wizard now enables you to transfer music between speakers Google Home

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    The Wizard enables you to transfer music between speakers Google Home

    The Wizard of Google announces an important new addition that will arrive in the next few days to the compatible devices, such as your family speakers Google Home: the transfer of flow.

    The transfer flow comes to solve the problem that has been found for the majority of users who have more than one speaker supported at home, who had no other means of move the music from one room to another to continue listening to the same song from another place of the house.

    Move the music from one room to another

    This new feature will allow us to easily move music, videos, podcasts and more between all the compatible devices in our house, either by using our voice, from the application Google Home or the touch screen on your smart display’s Nest.

    The actions that we are promised that Google will be able to do starting today are the following:

    • Move your music with the Wizard of Google: start to listen to music on the Google Home Mini kitchen and move the playback to the living room saying, “Hey Google, moves the music to the speaker in the room.”

    • Control your entertainment with the application Google Home: the app has recently added a talk button that allows us to move the playback of audio or video to any compatible device from our mobile.

    • Moving YouTube videos between the smart display’s Nest and the tv with Chromecast: from Nest Hub Max is now you can send the playback to the Chromecast by tapping the talk button or with the voice command “Hey Google, play it back in the TV room”.

    Google has announced that the transmission is being implemented in all the Chromecasts and speakers and screens smart Google Home and Nest today. What is not mentioned is in what countries and languages are available for this new feature. Normally starts in English from the united States and in time will be coming to the rest of languages.

    Google Home

    Google Home

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    The news The Wizard now enables you to transfer music between speakers Google Home was originally published in Xataka Android by Cosmos .

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    The Wizard now enables you to transfer music between speakers Google Home
    October 8, 2019

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