The X-Files was “encouraged” in their new promo picture of the week


Until January 24 is still pretty, but FOX is making a constant promotion, and imaginative, the return of ‘Expediente X ‘to your grill. The last, taking advantage of the Comic-Con New York could see their first episode of this return is animated promo reviewing some of the main elements of the series , the Smoker, UFOs, the Black Cancer, the poster “I want to believe” the tune of Mark Snow and, Of course, Mulder and Scully.

From that “ 201 days of The X Files ” last July 7, suggesting see a daily episode of the series to view full before 24 January, the chain has done nothing but go leaving small teasers and promotions here and there that keep X-Files in the minds of viewers without overwhelming both. Last month we saw el trailer, which aired in two parts in two commercial breaks in ‘Gotham’ and ‘Minority Report’ , and promotional efforts are intensified as closer you get Release date miniseries.

That first chapter is taught in NYCC left some fans and analysts a bit confusing, but es convention strategy that Netflix also continued with ‘ Jessica Jones ‘ and CBS ‘ Supergirl ‘ (whose pilot also he leaked” mysteriously “ in May) and enabling grows word of mouth about the series . It’s a tactic similar to that of the films the festival circuit are traversed months before its release, and the reactions that came out of New York, were generally positive.

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The X-Files was “encouraged” in their new promo picture of the week

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