The Xiaomi Mi 8 is upgraded to Android 10 MIUI and 11

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  • Xiaomi Mi 8 is upgraded to Android 10 and MIUI 11

    Android 10 continues to reach a good part of the terminals, which were promised by seniority, and that includes devices with two years of life in the market. As the Xiaomi Mi 8, that landed in the spring of 2018, and that is now updated with the that will be, unless a change of policy of its manufacturer, the latest version of the operating system that you receive.

    And as with every jump of the version of Android on a device from Xiaomi, the layer also gives a step forward. In this case, the Xiaomi Mi 8 receives MIUI 11, the latest version of the coating manufacturer that brings the new design in addition to other customizations.

    bug Fixes and security patch December

    Miui 11

    As in previous occasions, Xiaomi launched the update to their My 8 from China and in the format of a beta test, only for those users who would want to risk potential bugs that would be corrected later thanks to their test reports. But this test has already finished and on Xiaomi have been kicked off.

    The update to Android 10 for Xiaomi Mi 8 is official and international. is The weight of the same is 1.9 GB and is being distributed with the version number V11.0.1.0.QEAMIXM. As the manufacturer indicates, the update includes security patches of Android for the month of December, so that once installed will be on the day of all.

    in Addition to MIUI 11, and of Android 10, the update includes some corrections of known errors of the Xiaomi Mi 8, as the one who prevented to open the settings of notifications in a variety of scenarios already located. As we say, the version is already released and it is a matter of days, you get all the Xiaomi Mi 8 in circulation.

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    The Xiaomi Mi 8 is upgraded to Android 10 MIUI and 11
    January 8, 2020

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