The YouTuber phenomenon breaks the rules of the network

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    The YouTuber phenomenon breaks the rules of the red

    The YouTubers have become, a while now, in one of the most acclaimed figures in the network, both in terms of audience and impact exploited by great brands for your most viral campaigns, good example is the action #RompeLasReglas HP has been doing this type of personalities, one groundbreaking campaign that goes out to all this generation of millennials looking to exploit their creativity, generate dialogue on the network and differentiate themselves through technology.

    The new gold discovered by YouTubers is changing the way users consume content on, especially audiovisual network : a business model based on free and interaction between YouTubers and community have formed a new benchmark for traditional media like TV content , trying, in many cases, reaching the level of interaction and complicity that many YouTubers have with their subscribers.

    In this regard, a number of indicators that explain the rise of YouTubers and content the network can not be ignored, and in fact, are beginning to reach other content. First, part of the success of YouTubers can easily be explained the ease with which connect with your audience . Unlike other types of content, created by YouTubers will focus at such a specific audience, which many would say that they are made for you.

    HP has adapted the new language of YouTubers There is no segmentation, unless not initially, since most of the contents produced based works incredibly well, even globally and not locally. They are not few YouTubers who have crossed the border barriers are also succeeding even in regions where the same language is not spoken in the countries of their birth. The success of many YouTubers Spanish in Latin America and vice versa is a great example of spontaneous crossing borders based on the content type for a very different audience.

    Second, you must understand that part of YouTubers success has much to do with the age of your specific audience. Most YouTubers have a very young audience in their channels are mostly digital natives: born and educated with internet and access to the networks of the hand, and now, with the rise of smartphone devices or convertible as the range HP Pavilion HP Pavilion x360 or x2, remain connected at all times, can view their favorite videos anywhere, anytime . At a stroke, the new generation television viewers changed the net, and found on YouTube an alternative that lets you enjoy the content the way they want, when they want without having to wait for them to pass this or that episode . Monday afternoon

    HP has adapted to this new digital native as #RompeLasReglas public campaigns in which through social networks and with the help of YouTubers and influencers demonstrates the versatility and innovation of devices like the HP Pavilion x360 allowing precisely this generation of young people stay connected anytime, anywhere using the product like a tablet or computer depending on your needs.

    YouTubers have changed the rules for content consumption for the generations that are now experimenting with the network, and the truth is that in the future most of the content produced will be of this type: led to an incredibly specific audience and with a high level of impact and interaction. Anyway, the youtubers are here to stay


    The YouTuber phenomenon breaks the rules of the network
    April 17, 2015

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