These are the sales of all Nintendo consoles to date

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    Switch already carries more than 33 million.

    Updated: May 2019

    a few days Nintendo has unveiled its financial results, confirming that Nintendo Switch has now more than 34.7 million consoles. In addition to updating your data of games sold, Nintendo has also updated the general data relating to their consoles.

    Sales of home consoles of Nintendo

    Nintendo Switch

    • Consoles sold: 34,74 million.
    • Games sold: 187,52 million.
    Wii U

    • Consoles sold: and 13.56 million.
    • Games sold: 102,85 million.

    • Consoles sold: 101,63 million.
    • Games sold: 920,81 million.
    GameCube controller

    • Consoles sold: 21,74 million.
    • Games sold: 208,57 million.
    Nintendo 64

    • Consoles sold: 32,93 million.
    • Games sold: 224,97 million.
    Super Nintendo

    • Consoles sold: 49,10 million.
    • Games sold: 379,06 million.

    • Consoles sold: 61,91 million.
    • Games sold: 500,01 million.

    Sales of portable consoles of Nintendo

    Nintendo 3DS

    Includes all the models of Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS.

    • Consoles sold: 75,08 million.
    • Games sold: 378,12 million.
    Nintendo DS

    Includes all the models and reviews.

    • Consoles sold: 154,02 million.
    • Games sold: 948,64 million.
    Game Boy Advance

    Includes all the models and reviews, also Game Boy Micro.

    • Consoles sold: 81,51 million.
    • Games sold: 377,42 million.
    Game Boy

    Includes Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color.

    • Consoles sold: 118,69 million.
    • Games sold: 501,11 million.

    These are the sales of all Nintendo consoles to date

    These are the sales of all Nintendo consoles to date
    May 7, 2019

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