They discover that the ‘app’ Ai.type, with nearly 40 million downloads, has been making purchases without permission

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    With almost 40,000,000 downloads and a rating of 4.2 out of 5, Ai.type is one of the applications of keyboard most widespread. However, it seems that the app has attempted to defraud the about 18.000.000 dollars buying digital content premium.As pointed out from Kromtech Security Center, this application is no put in danger to their users at the beginning of last year storing private data on servers unprotected. Now, it has been the security company Upstream Secure-D who has detected fraudulent methods to try to subscribe users to paid services.Apparently, Ai.type has also been showing advertising invisible to collect clicks fake and generate more money from advertisers. In addition, to avoid being discovered, have been in hiding their activity under other identities by pretending to be other applications such as the famous audio platform SoundCloud.Upstream claims to have detected and blocked in the past few months more than 14.000.000 transaction suspected the 110,000 phones different, all with the application Ai.type installed. You have not discovered these purchases, the app keyboard would have spent about 18.000.000 dollars of the victims.Google has not yet removed any of the applications developed by Ai.type, and in Play Store remain some of their keyboards with different languages, sounds, emoticons, and styles. Versions are also available on the keyboard of payment, to 3,09 euros, and the free.In addition to these potential purchases are not authorized, this type of methods used by Ai.type carry a increase in the consumption of data, memory and battery of the device.Therefore, if you have this app downloaded, the most convenient is to delete it as soon as possible to avoid this type of problems, and to prevent, also it is advisable to uninstall any other created by the same developers. In addition, in order to avoid this kind of cases, it is best to apply common sense and do not install apps that they may seem suspicious, for many downloads and good ratings that they have.
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    They discover that the ‘app’ Ai.type, with nearly 40 million downloads, has been making purchases without permission
    November 4, 2019

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