This is how Android will improve the safety and performance of your applications from 2018

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    Android Developers

    we Already know what is the new plan of Google to improve the performance and security Android, and he will do so via Google Play, demanding a minimum for the development of applications from next year.

    During the past few years Android has been improving exponentially their security and performance, but then this is of no use if then developers are still creating apps from old versions that does not squeeze all the improvements and advantages of the more recent versions. That is why, starting next year, Google will require that the applications use the advantages of the most recent versions of Android.

    If this 2017 Google began to penalize applications that do not meet a minimum quality, now as of 2018 gets hard and will bring the following requirements:

    Requirement of a particular API from late 2018

    Each time Google releases a new version of Android that means that the developers have a new API that allows you to further protect your apps and protect your users against malware, and improve the battery consumption of their applications.

    from the coming year Google Play will force developers to use a particular API to create your applications for Android* in this way:

    • August 2018: require the new applications use the standard 26 API (Android 8.0 or higher.
    • November 2018: the updates of the existing applications will require to use the API level 26 or higher. the 2019 onwards: each year the targetSdkVersion requirement will advance. Within a year after each release of a new dessert of Android, new apps and updates will need to use the API level or higher. That is to say, by the end of 2019 it will be Android 9.0 is the required version.

    Important: This does not mean that from next year the apps and games will not function in earlier versions. Developers will have to develop their applications for Android 8.0 but can use the * minSdkVersion* to say from that inferior version can be compatible with your applications. The Android SDK allows you to develop an application for the current version of Android and is compatible with previous versions.

    Requirement of 64-bit support in 2019

    With Android 5.0 Lollipop came support for the 64-bit processors, but three years later there are very few developers that add such support in their applications. It is for this reason that as of August 2019 it will be mandatory that games and applications use the native code 64-bit in addition to the 32-bit.

    Currently, more than 40% of Android devices use a 64-bit processor and just the applications you squeeze the improvement of power they offer. The application code to native 64-bit generally offers better performance.

    Metadata security at the beginning of 2018

    finally, for users to install by mistake malware on their devices when attempting to update your applications from outside Google play, since the beginning of 2018, the app store will include new metadata security that will improve the signature of the APK, in order to avoid that an application modified may be made to pass as an official update.

    Note: All of these improvements will only affect apps that are launched and updated since those dates. If a developer does not update his application will not have to apply those requirements, you can continue using that application or game, the old version of Android as the base.

    More information | Google
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    Xataka Android

    This is how Android will improve the safety and performance of your applications from 2018
    December 19, 2017

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