This War of Mine: Father’s Promise is already in Android: the DLC of the PC become full game for mobile

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    This War of Mine: Father's Promise is already in Android: the DLC of PC become game full-for-mobile

    11 bit studios put in circulation This War of Mine in the year 2014. A videogame with an invoice two-dimensional and a great attraction that captivated not a few players in his time. A title that brought us the war in Bosnia to the PC, and that later would give the leap to consoles desktop and Android.

    This War of Mine came to have a DLC named Father’s Promise, and this DLC has made its appearance at the end in the Android ecosystem. A title that lands almost no advertising and a method of purchase that every time there is less: paid 1,99 euros and have the full game. Without shopping in its interior, without advertising.

    1,99 euros for 5 hours of fun

    This Father’s Promise was the first of three DLCs that 11 bit Studios had planned for This War of Mini. Now what we have in Android in the form of a stand-alone game, without having purchased the original title. A game that can be ours for 1,99 € and that can be played in any Android device with Android 4.0 or later.

    So, This War of Mine: Father’s Promise becomes the first title in This War of Mine: Stories, the series of DLCs planned for the title. In him we will return to Sarajevo to attend one of the sieges over the long history since the Second World War. In him we will be reunited with familiar characters, and added as new locations and other re-mastered.

    the first of The three DLCs that compose the Stories of This War of Mine

    again we tagged along in the midst of a family that is fighting for its survival in a game is paused, with an art direction excellent, and in which we can immerse ourselves thanks to the quality of its soundtrack, directed nothing more and nothing less than by Piotr Musiał, who came to receive the prize of Best Music video Game in Poland in 2014, the year of release of the original video game.

    As we discussed, Father’s Promise comes to Android as a separate title that we will offer approximately five hours of game at a price of 1,99 euros. We can get with him from this moment, as it is already available for purchase. You do not have to follow the link of the tab below.

    This War of Mine: Father

    This War of Mine: Father’s Promise

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    This War of Mine: Father’s Promise is already in Android: the DLC of the PC become full game for mobile
    March 27, 2019

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