Thoroughly analyze the new Moto G Plus: Lenovo manages to keep the spirit of Motorola

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    Moto G Plus

    new year, new Motorola Moto G. That was the saying, because it is now “Moto G by Lenovo.” The Beijing bought Motorola, and like following the purchase of the ThinkPad range, seems to have kept the spirit of the company adquirida.Además brand, has been a slight change of structure in the model names. Last year we had in ascending order of price / specifications: the Moto G, Moto X and Moto X. Play This year we have: Moto G, Moto G Plus and Moto Z that will in some months.

    can call Moto G, Moto Moto G G4 or 2016, is indifferent nomenclatures in a system in which Lenovo wants to leave behind the numbers and versions , to focus on a continuo style, similar to car models, for example.

    Moto G or Moto G Plus?

    there is not much difference between the Moto G and Moto G Plus. A two-level specifications: Plus camera is 16 megapixels, compared to 13 of the edge of the normal model. And the Moto G Plus comes with most versions of storage and RAM.

    Model RAM Storage
    Moto G 2 GB 16 GB
    Moto G 2 GB 32 GB
    Moto G Plus 2 GB 16 GB
    Moto G Plus 3 GB 32 GB
    Moto G Plus 4 GB 64 GB

    Now, we will notify you if you want the version with more specifications we recommend you make a purchase online. Because physical stores certainly a mess versions are made.

    Nothing has changed

    remains as recognizable than 3 years ago.
    still equally recognizable than 3 years ago.

    As mentioned, Lenovo has learned to respect the spirit of the range and the expertise of Motorola over the years. The Moto G this year is bigger, but it is unquestionably a Moto G . Its exterior remains basically without structural changes with its rear convex and plastic, and black rounded front corners. It’s not metal, but the rough edges of the plastic back makes it very comfortable in the hand.

    A ergonomic level we see two problems. The first is that after four versions the Moto G has made giant for many. 5.5 inches is larger than many like. It is true that the trend is general, but is missing a version of at most about 5 inches , which would have more sense to non-Plus Moto G version.

    the version of this year rises to the 5.5 inch overkill for many users

    the other ergonomic problem is that the new sensor fingerprint does not work as home button . Something that can make you want to pull your hair out. The last phone I remember doing something similar was the HTC A9 . No two capacitive buttons on the sides also leaves a bad feeling, HTC learned from his mistake and the HTC 10 left everything perfect . ? Maybe for Moto G 2017 All other adjectives for the fingerprint sensor are as expected: simple, fast, reliable has been three years since the fingerprint sensor became massive in smartphones. and it is difficult to make one malfunction.

    This version of Moto G loses water resistance incorporating its predecessor. A pity, because it was one of the key points for many buyers. You may resist mild dousing but uncertified not dare to try it, and honestly, you should not bet on it.

    Unlike the last year’s model, has water resistance, a key point for many buyers

    up leaving at the top we find the only speaker smartphone. Something out of the ordinary, but the result is pretty good. Far exceeds our tests to listen to music and podcasts while showering and can clearly hear GPS instructions as we drive and talk in the car.

    In the bowels

     Moto Plus G4 07

    inside the Moto G has been renovated … in part. You already have a mid-range chip as we asked last year. The Moto G 2016 comes with Snapdragon 617, a chip that is not as powerful as the branch of the 650 or the 652, but enough for the tasks of the day.

    in our two weeks of testing have not found any but the chip, except in extreme performance. Yes, it takes a little longer to open a Snapdragon 820 Facebook a much more expensive smartphone, and intensive 3D games are fits and starts, but is suitable for almost all . The minimum layer added Lenovo software does the rest for Android fly.

    After the interchangeable rear are three slots. Two for microSIM and microSD

    Having a renewed processor allows them to include fast charging Qualcomm in the system , Lenovo still called Turbo Charge. A point that we take for basic and necessary in any self-respecting smartphone.

    On battery 3000mAh could see how the two models available Moto G go far. In our experience we always had more than enough capacity for all day. If we make an ultra-intensive, will not reach the night but fast charging helps you whenever you have a few minutes.

    A good thing, and a key importance for many buyers is the ability to microSD and two SIM cards. Unlike other smartphones, the Moto G4 (both regular and Plus) has three physical slots. Not have to choose between having two microSIM or a microSD, You can have all three at once. Excellent. ### Cameras

    Moto Plus G4 04

    Nothing new in this regard. We want to emphasize that the model we tested is the Moto G Plus, and 16 megapixel camera can have some difference with the 13 megapixel version of Moto G normal, but if any would be very slight. At the front, it incorporates a 5 megapixel camera that is worthy, but no surprises or flash forward.

    video can be recorded at 1080p only 30 fps (60 fps at 720p, yes), a limit set by processor. No recording at 4K.

    photography in general, and night in particular, remains the Achilles heel of the average range

    in general, suffers from the same problems as all smartphones in this price range . daytime pictures with a good quality the best smartphone cameras , yes – but at night or in low light photos they are regular or bad. You will not notice much if you’re used to moving low-end or mid-range, but the quality of photography in general, and night in particular remains the Achilles heel of the average range.

    then photographs taken with the Moto G Plus for a few days in Taiwan.

    a TAXI

     a taxi to the daylight.
    A taxi to daylight.

    The The “same” taxi night. The difference is clear. [/Caption]


    During the day, photos of Moto G Plus behave very competent. Not the same quality as a Galaxy S6 or S7, or an iPhone 6 / 6s, but also costs the same. At this point is where many users have to compromise.

     photo taken moto g plus 3 photo taken moto g plus 4  photo taken moto g plus 5  photo taken moto g plus 6  photo taken moto g plus 13 href=””>  photo taken moto g plus 15  photo taken moto g plus 17  photo taken moto g plus 7


    at night is when we begin to notice more the lack of focus and sharpness. This is more a problem of processing that the camera sensor. And as I said, it is where most noticeable that this is a mid-range smartphone

     A night photo (without HDR in this case). A night photo (no HDR in this case). [/Caption]  photo taken moto g plus 14 href=””> photo taken moto g plus 10  photo taken moto g plus 12 7.5Con prices (229 € the Moto G 16 GB, and 269 € the Moto G Plus 16 GB) are in a strange situation. Undoubtedly remain reference terminals in the market, and you guarantee that will be updated at least two- versions of Android perhaps over time.

    But, and it’s a very big but there is growing competition on the market . Compete with almost the entire range Honor, with Huawei href=””> Lite, other models in the range of the Lenovo Vibe own , the J range of Samsung, etc. And in the end the decisive factor is almost always the price.

    Is it worth upgrading? If you have a Moto G 2014-that is, second generation think you deserve it. If you have 2015 not so much. If 5.5 inches long do for you, bad luck. * Fingerprint Sensor: adds security to the experience. Able to encrypt the entire device is excellent. * Yield: the new processor is much improved with last year’s model * camera in low light. Regular results and bad experience when focusing. * No Water resistance: lost one of the most interesting points of the previous model. * Botonera: the fingerprint sensor does not start button. Nor is the bottom with capacitive buttons advantage, and rely on buttons on the software.


    Thoroughly analyze the new Moto G Plus: Lenovo manages to keep the spirit of Motorola
    June 14, 2016

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