Three applications that will improve your night photographs: Night Camera, Motion Camera and Camera 360

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    Camera Applications cascoporro there. We have them with effects, frames, insert text, giving us many options as a DSLR, you just give us options, etc.. But I do not know if it happens to me alone, that there is never complete. I mean, we have installed always two or three . Apart from the native course. Well, because of this, I have compiled some applications that have no place in a separate article, as they are not full of options and specifications, but cover a specific need . So we have them for use at a particular time.

    those with smartphones like mine, it will happen, to take a night scene, they have to find a point of light (to use it) or give the maximum possible ISO. All this combined with a “night mode” pretty bad. What happens when we see a beautiful landscape, with the moon in the background and the city lights? What to put our phone in that mode and take the picture, it appears to us with the satellite as a white dot and lights not well defined.

    The application is very simple and easy to use . Simply pressed at a point of the screen and focus will remove the photo thereupon. We have very few settings available, so it is very simple to use . The only thing that could improve it would be the zoom (only available in the paid version). Depending on the noise in the picture, the camera will shoot three to eight photos. Then we will decode and present the photograph impressively lit . Without flash, we got a good picture.

    certainly is a pretty decent application for those who want to take pictures at night and the camera is not quite there native. The application is free , but has a paid version (in-app). This requires Android 2.2 or higher to run correctly .

    Download Night Camera Play free on Google

    Although this application is not entirely focused on night photography, we can insert it in this article. Most of us would use it (probably) at sporting events and similar situations. Like the previous has a simple interface that allows us to adjust a small number of parameters to get good photo in question.

    Characteristically star, we can adjust shutter speed . That is your best bet, no doubt. Being able to take pictures with long exposure allows us to capture more light and, therefore, take the picture with more light. Try to focus on a point of light, giving the shutter and take the picture while moving. The result is spectacular .

    Motion Camera is free and requires Android 2.2 or higher to run correctly .

    Download Motion Camera Play free on Google

    probably already know many or even are now installed. And although this application deserves an article to itself, I think it fit to put in to highlight its powerful “night mode”. Aside from having many different modes and effects, Camera360 has received countless reviews (good) for its powerful way to take pictures at night. Being free and so full , we could consider it a must-have . The truth is that surprises me coming from an application that became totally in Chinese. Thankfully, those days are over and we can enjoy it fully in understandable language.

    Camera 360 Ultimate is free (although we can buy in-app) and requires Android 2.2 or higher to run correctly .

    Download Camera 360 Ultimate Play free on Google

    If you like photography, try these applications night and tell us about in the comments .

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    Three applications that will improve your night photographs: Night Camera, Motion Camera and Camera 360
    October 15, 2012

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