Tim Robbins believes that ‘life imprisonment’ was a failure by its original title: “Nobody could remember it”

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    Tim Robbins believes that 'life imprisonment' was a failure by its original title:

    1994 was a great year for the cinema. ‘Pulp Fiction‘, ‘Forrest Gump‘, ‘The lion king‘, ‘dumb and dumber‘… and ‘life imprisonment‘. For the Spanish, who signs these lines, have been 25 years of disability at the time of write or pronounce the original title. Today its protagonist, Tim Robbins, gives me the reason.

    The title impossible

    ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ (‘Life imprisonment’ in Spain) is often cited as one of the films most beloved by the public. In fact, it is that which occupies the first place on the list of best movies of IMDb, but when it debuted in theaters a quarter of a century was, more or less, a small failure of box office.

    The drama directed by Frank Darabont it cost 25 million to produce and barely raised $ 28 million in the box office national. “Shawshank” would grow in popularity in the format home, but unfortunately it did not took so many people to the cinemas as Columbia Pictures had hoped that autumn. In a new interview with EW, the star of the film, Tim Robbins told his theory about the reasons why people do not was delighted immediately.

    “Well, it’s the title, no one could remember the title,” said Robbins. “And that also makes sense, because for years after I left that movie, the people came to me and said to me: ‘you Know, I really gustaste in that movie, ‘Scrimshaw Reduction’ or ‘Shimmy, Shimmy, Shake’ or ‘Shankshaw ‘, you know, there were many different ways of going wrong”.

    “The reaction at that time was not so important as that you would be on video and on cable,” added Robbins. “And when given a chance, when the people really started to watch the movie and became a film that people had to see several times“.

    The Shawshank Redemption

    why is ‘life imprisonment’ became one of the films most beloved of all time? Robbins also has a theory about that. “One reason is that there are very, very few films about the friendship between two men that does not involve persecution of a car or be a gulf with the ladies,” said the actor. “This is a true and deep friendship that lasts … But, in general, I think that it is a film that is about hope and about transcend any challenges or obstacles that are in your life to become a better person.”

    it Is what it is, the film remains a classic from a director that we miss and that has been known to adapt Stephen King better than any other.

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    The news Tim Robbins believes that ‘life imprisonment’ was a failure by its original title: “Nobody could remember it” was originally published in Espinof by Kiko Vega .


    Tim Robbins believes that ‘life imprisonment’ was a failure by its original title: “Nobody could remember it”
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    October 16, 2019

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