Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a metroidvania with aesthetics able to hook GameBoy

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    Tiny 1

    metroidvania it is a genre defining games like Castlevania and Metroid. That is, action games with lots of rooms where we have to move from one room to another while our characters evolve with new weapons or other forms of access roads. There are many titles that catch this formula to create fun and adventure complex. Android, of course, we also have representatives weight.

    Tiny Dangerous Dungeons offers us get into the role of a protagonist who goes into a dungeon to discover the secrets hidden inside. A thrilling adventure that will know how hooked from the first moment because in his design there are great successes. In addition, it is free so you have no excuse not to try


    Touch retro but very well made

    The game does a great effort history and puts us in the role of Timmy , an explorer who decide to go in a dungeon in search of secrets. The development is based on a title that originally came to play in the browser and ahoral comes to Android with tight controls and some other additional content.

    The aesthetics, as you can see from the pictures, is clearly influenced by Game Boy , both graphics and color palette and music exude homesickness for those who at the time played with Nintendo’s portable console. Very successful, even in long games you end up doing a little heavy.

     Screenshot 2015 September 10 17 21 23

    The controls despite being touch are well adjusted and is easy to move with precision. In the first minutes we get used to them and we will decrease the clumsiness with each jump and move we make. In addition, there are enough points of life saved and recharge so that we can move forward without fear and not lose much progress.

    The map is quite large and will take time to get all the secrets of the game. It is an adventure that can be finished in a few hours if you have a little skill. As de’ciamos, it is free and does not include purchases so we can try and decide if we convince or not. To me it has personally engaged and I probably finished running.

    The news Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a metroidvania with aesthetic GameBoy able to hook you was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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    Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a metroidvania with aesthetics able to hook GameBoy
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    September 11, 2015

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