Tip: Control the new Google Maps with gestures

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    Yesterday Google began distributing the new version of Maps for Android . This version 7 announced at Google IO last seemed very good news, but things began to turn as we were finding more details.

    Worse, the Latitude loss , which disappears as a service and is centralized on Google+, although we have no specific information about whether after removing the August 9 will proceed from the social network of Google. Here you can review the I have proposed alternatives . Also gone offline maps option , you can retrieve the application updating .

    Fortunately the new version of Google Maps has also its good . From the maps revamped interface with attractive and easy to read to the improvements in navigation and exploration find more details, many of which we will discover over time. One of them appears in the Google support , and is the gesture control some functions of the application , which greatly facilitates their control. But for that you have to know them first.


    Here are the gestures:

    • access layers of satellite images, public transport and traffic we have to do a swipe from left to right with two fingers. This menu appears that allows us to make the changes.
    • For details of a place can make a swipe from the head with a finger.
    • Having made a search, if we can swipe sideways to change and move between search results.
    • Within the path information, to switch between alternatives now simply has to side with a finger swipe .

    All these gestures

    saving screen to not display buttons and menus, so you can devote more space map , which is what matters.

    Hopefully this little trick will be useful.

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    Tip: Control the new Google Maps with gestures
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    July 11, 2013

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