Titanium Band of Nomad for Apple Watch

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    There are several options of bands for the Apple Watch. The Titanium Band of Nomad have been designed to be super lightweight, but while maintaining the strength of a metal bracelet.

    it Is made with titanium, high-grade, so it is extremely resistant, lightweight and soft to the touch. The links and the clasp are made of titanium and include the corresponding tool to be able to adjust it to wrist size, with more than 10 links to be able to choose the perfect size. Can be used with any Apple Watch.

    The closure has been designed to be as thin as possible, but maintaining the security of the closure. The Titanium Band is available in black with a PVD-coated and silver-titanium. The bands have a price of 179.95 dollars and can be purchased in the Web page of Nomad.


    Titanium Band of Nomad for Apple Watch
    Source: www.ipodtotal.com  
    February 22, 2019

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