‘To the bone’, a missed opportunity despite a remarkable Lily Collins

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    Netflix has to cope with the possibility becoming more real that the of the Hollywood majors to opt for leave to sell the rights of their films to create its own streaming service. Disney has already announced think to do it in 2019 and a matter of time that companies such as Warner, Fox, Paramount, or Universal start to weigh that possibility seriously if it is not what you are already doing.

    Netflix has no other to enhance your movie catalog own if you do not want to fall behind. What is true is that it has already released a multitude of feature films exclusive since it launched ‘Beasts of No Nation’ in October 2015, but has not yet finished settling. One of his most recent proposals has been ‘To the bone’ (‘To the Bone’), one of the titles most discussed in the last Sundance film Festival, and stays in no-man’s land in the approach to the anorexia despite the remarkable work of Lily Collins.

    A commitment that avoids the sentimentality cheap

    Keanu Collins

    anorexia is not a disease by which Hollywood cinema has been interested in both and that that is an issue that never goes away. The problem may be that you had to deal with it in a very precise not to fall into a portrait empty and tear that could do more harm than good. This is where the fact of having experienced it can help you to give the right tone and that is what he believed he had succeeded in Marti Noxon, writer and director of ‘To the bone’.

    She herself suffered this disease when I was a teenager and at all times to note the loving care with which he wanted to show us their effects, besides counting with a partner especially involved, because Lily Collins, his protagonist, also suffered from anorexia. ‘To the bone’ was the breeding ground ideal to give us a drama of the first category, but when the truth ends up staying half way, unable to embrace what could have become a unique film.

    the first Thing that attracts attention is the approach chosen by Noxon, in the almost premium more a portrait of the problems of adolescence that the effects of the disease itself. I am aware that anorexia affects at all times the decision making and the attitude of the characters, but ‘To the bone’ questions about to what extent you want to deepen and there, just at a strange point in the middle that prevents it from shining beyond the purely interpretive.

    ‘To the bone’ is not focused and that was just passing invoice

    Collins Bones

    And is that Collins, an actress who had also not been shown to be ample talent up to now, delivered in body and soul. It is true that he is well surrounded and that the other characters help to provide a greater variety for that Collins is not doomed to have a and another time in the same thing, but it is not so easy to go by modulating the different stages of his suffering without indulging in all the excesses to which it was, and that sometimes the script Noxon almost seems to foster.

    this is where the fact of linking it all to the problems of adolescence makes the film incurred in some common places that make us think that we are seeing something that we have already been told without the addition of the anorexia. What may be the form of Noxon not to stress more of the account certain aspects of the disease? Could be, but the result is a description in a somewhat weakling of the grand theme of ‘To the bone’, trying to prioritize a lightness more easily digested by the viewer.

    Scene Bones

    in Addition, the good work of the rest of the cast should not make that obvious that the other characters never get to be really interesting in themselves, having, in addition, a disturbing trend, the stereotype. Not even the quirky doctor played by Keanu Reeves stands out as much as we would like, reinforcing that feeling of sway in matters of tone, that yes that helps Collins -because the sub-plot romantic have no other reason to be that-but not to the movie, which is going to spread more and more.

    In fact, the scene’s dramatic climax is not so far from being ridiculous when its symbolic force should be highlighted above all.

    This indecision prior to bet on something until the last consequences, to the benefit of an overall portrait more delicate has its advantages, but in general terms just subtracting without getting to destroy the film. It simply leaves us wanting to Noxon, who opts for a similar approach from the staging, he would have thrown all the meat on the grill.

    In short, the ‘To the bone’ is a proposal with good intentions that does not address such a sensitive topic purely for the purposes tear and also has a performance very solvent by Lily Collins. The problem is that you lack determination and just resulting in a frustrating and their way of connecting the disease with other problems of adolescence and also by the low weight that has the rest of the characters, something partly compensated for by the good of the rest of the cast.

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    ‘To the bone’, a missed opportunity despite a remarkable Lily Collins
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    August 18, 2017

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