Today celebrates the World Day of the Emoji and Sony and Facebook celebrate it big

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    • The 17 July is celebrated World Emoji Day.
    • What I believe the father of the Emojipedia in 2014.
    • Facebook has shared some data on the emojis.


    This Monday, as every July 17th since 2014 marks the World Emoji Day or World Day of the Emoji, a day in which we celebrate the creation of these icons that have marked in a significant way, digital communications.

    The celebration of this day drove Jeremy Burge, creator of the Emojipedia. The election of the 17 of July it is very curious. Is because that is the date that appears in the emoji calendar in the sipositivos Android and iOS.

    According to Burge, “the emojis are the best way to add personality to a conversation purely textual”.

    This year, Sony Pictures, which is about to release Emoji, the movie (11 August), has taken advantage of the World Day of the Emoji to enhance the promotion of the film with a record, the Guinness World Records for the largest gathering of people dressed up as emojis simultaneously in different parts of the world.

    on the other hand, Facebook wanted to share some interesting facts about the emoji:

    • More than 60 million emojis being used on Facebook each day and more than 5,000 million emojis are used in Messenger on a daily basis.
    • The emoji that has been used in Facebook in the united States during the past 30 days has been Rolling on the Floor Laughing (sloped face releasing a burst of laughter and tears). The most used Messenger in the united States during the last month has been Face Throwing a Kiss (face throwing a kiss with a little heart).
    • In Spain, the emoji most popular used in Facebook is Face Throwing a Kiss.
    • A large part of the world is very familiar with the joy and laughter, so that the emojis most used Facebook globally in the last 30 days are Face With Tears of Joy (laughing with tears of joy), followed by Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes (face with hearts in the eyes) and Face Throwing a Kiss.
    • The emojis most used Messenger in the last 30 days are Face With Tears of Joy, followed by Face Throwing a Kiss and Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes.

    in Addition, to celebrate the upcoming premiere of Emoji: The Movie, a Messenger has just added 16 stickers of the emojis favorites within the app.


    Today celebrates the World Day of the Emoji and Sony and Facebook celebrate it big
    July 17, 2017

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