Today, the native Android calendar with a new design and functions

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    calendar is a basic application on any device to keep track of all events and appointments. By default, or downloaded at Play, stock Google App Calendar does the job, but in the Apps store can also find better alternatives or to complement it as best desktop widgets.

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    Today Calendar Widget , developer Jack Underwood, same creator player Now Playing , which could easily pass as a native application. Now Jack has released his latest work, this is Today.

    Today is an App based calendar application AOSP , this will say, is nothing new, as there are many calendars that make Google Play also, however, Today combines functionality and design.

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    Specifically, the developer caught calendar interface based stock gray and white colors and transformed creating a more pleasing design view, but not all. The code has been reviewed to increase the performance of the application and has added new features .

    Today is the native Android calendar, improved

    The view Monthly has become a zone “all in one”, combining the month view and agenda , to see the events of a day from the bottom of the screen, without having to enter each one separately.

    Today For now only supports smartphones and can be combined with Today Calendar Widget to have all your events on the Android desktop . You are missing another dark theme , but certainly receive more updates.

    Today is now available on Play, supports from Android 4.0.3 and has a Price € 2.41 , but to convince you to try for 2 weeks from Trial version.

    Application Google Play

    Application Google Play

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    Today, the native Android calendar with a new design and functions
    April 11, 2014

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