Todoist 9 for Android task manager is now more intelligent and powerful

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    after creating last year its new foundation after su Material Design jump, the task manager Todoist receives today a new major update to its jump to the version 9.0 .

    Todoist 9.0 for Android is long stronger, smarter, more polished and much easier and faster to use . Todoist continues to prove he is the best manager tasks that need to Android

    Projects and assigned

    Add and organize our tasks easier and faster with the new version of Todoist . Now as we write our task with the “Quick Add” option when writing # we can select an existing project or create a new one by typing its name, for example #practica. Likewise, typing + the list of collaborators will be deployed to assign a name or we can keep typing to add a new partner. Example: “Check Pablo #ClienteImportante presentation + p1” –

    Add tasks in any part of the

    Add a new task in the middle of a list is as simple as tweaking between these two tasks to create a new task in the middle.

    Organize your tasks

     Sort 7 Project

    Another important novelty is that now we can finally organize our tasks by name, date, priority and assigned .

    Bonitas screens

     Todoist Zero

    Todoist celebrate the end of the day with beautiful screens and daily productivity statistics.

    Support external keyboards

    5 Keyboard Support

    Todoist is fully compatible with external keyboards. Now you can writing tasks and navigate the application from a keyboard .

    Other news

    • Synchronization it is four times faster, so you spend less time waiting and have more battery.
    • The notifications that you have read on other platforms will now be discarded in your app for Android.
    • we’ve added the “undo” almost everywhere (drag and drop reordering, sort projects move history), so no need to worry about accidentally move your tasks to the wrong place.
    • We also improved certain interactions within the app as adding a task to a different project.
    • We changed the way we handle the subtasks to make it easier to understand. Instead of choosing a higher level of full menu of add task, you can now choose the root task you want more easily.
    • The attachment system is improved enough to make your photos appear in the proper rotation of face-to synchronize with other devices.
    • You can add more options for text formatting tasks, projects and comments, highlighting shortcuts for emoji as: smile :,: scream :,: crying_cat_face :, etc. Because we believe that each project is even better with the right emoji.
    • And many more little things that make the Android manage tasks for an uninterrupted experience and agile.
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    • Android version: 2.3
    • Developer: Doist
    • Download it at: Google Play
    • Price: Free with integrated shopping
    • Category: Productivity

    More information | Todoist
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    Todoist 9 for Android task manager is now more intelligent and powerful
    March 23, 2016

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