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  • Top 5 alternatives to

    Today was a sad day on the Internet for those who speak Spanish and watched series in English. A portal that from seven years ago gave us one of the best libraries Spanish subtitles (and often in Catalan) announced it will close permanently on June 30. is a community website where subtitles of a huge amount of TV series are shared English speaking, which is characterized by providing fast and quality translations. Citing “draconian laws” site administrators have only left us a message page a tweet very sad.

    However, not all is lost, code will be released, and most likely is that a clone appears on almost anything. We do not know if the database will be saved somehow, but in the meantime, and if you have been orphaned subtitle, we present some of the best alternatives .


    Subdivx is one of the oldest websites subtitles I know when something could not usually resorted to this place. In subdivx there is everything, because users do not engage collaborating translate subtitles but up points, correct themselves and upload their own versions. It is a huge library of both series and movies. The downside is that it has a horrible interface, much publicity and links to download real are quite hidden and in a tiny size. You have to pay close attention.


    It is the best alternative that I mention, at least in my opinion. subs in multiple languages ​​there and usually occur with a very high speed, usually the same at the premiere of something or next. The interface is quite friendly and can filter different search parameters. Downloading is simple, although there are a lot of publicity, is not as annoying as in other places.


    Argenteam is a rather old web and a large community of movie lovers and TV. Argenteam subtitles have always been very good, and the site has managed to stay online despite having had several problems with the “draconian laws” piracy. It is a great alternative if you follow some of the series that more volunteers are, for subtitles appearing too fast.


    It is not a very big place where you also get subtitles in multiple languages . Subscene does not have a large bookstore subtitle series several years ago, but is very up to date with that currently transmitted.


    Addic7ed could not He left out because it is a web content with much, much more in English than in Spanish, but its great advantage is the speed with which they appear subs. Are so fast that often the English version of Addic7ed was the first one you saw in and often were used as the basis for translation into Spanish.


    Top 5 alternatives to
    June 29, 2015

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