Trailer of ‘First Man’: the director of ‘La La Land’ sends Ryan Gosling to the Moon

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    First Man

    Shortly after seeing the first official images, Universal has unveiled the trailer ‘First Man’, the new film from Damien Chazelle. The author of ‘Whiplash’ and ‘The Land’ (for which he won the Oscar for best director) dares now with an epic drama on Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the Moon.

    Ryan Gosling again to get to the orders of Chazelle and interprets the famous american astronaut. Accompanying him in the deal Claire Foy —we also saw recently in the trailer of ‘All that does not kill you makes you stronger’ (‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’)— Kyle Chandler, Ciarán Hinds, Jason Clarke, Corey Stoll, Patrick Fugit, Ethan Embry, Christopher Abbott, Shea Whigham and Paul Schreiber. A cast is sensational, which adds much interest to the new work of Chazelle.

    Damien Chazelle: “Ryan and I were saying that the movie is going of the moon and of the kitchen, which basically means that we wanted to tell the story of one of the achievements most epic of humanity, but enraizándolo in the depths and the details of the day-to-day. How was it like to be Neil or Janet at that moment. I wanted to tell this epic space but keep it very close to the family, love, loss, marriage, fatherhood, and what they mean these things.” (source)

    ‘First Man’ is premiered on October 12 and all indications are that Ryan Gosling will be nominated for an Oscar (he was a finalist for the ‘Half Nelson’ and ‘The Land’). Below you can see the first poster of the film, where we invite you to experience “the impossible trip to the Moon” with the impassive gaze of the star. As there is no action in the picture, bloated with glare and sparks, as absurd as it is usual in the Hollywood sign:

    First Man

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    Trailer of ‘First Man’: the director of ‘La La Land’ sends Ryan Gosling to the Moon
    June 9, 2018

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