Trailer of ‘Molly”s Game’: Jessica Chastain is the muse of Aaron Sorkin in his opera prima

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    it Was only a matter of time that Aaron Sorkin would jump behind the camera. For years, it has been one of the writers most renowned of Hollywood, being the creator of the magnificent series ‘The west wing of the White House’ and just a few years ago won a very deserved Oscar for her work in ‘The social network’ (‘The Social Network’). Finally decided to try their luck with ‘Molly’s Game’, with Jessica Chastain as muse, and now the time has come to take a look at your trailer.

    As is logical, the Sorkin signs a script that is based on the memoirs of Molly Bloom, a skier professional whose life ended up taking a radical turn that led her to become the organizer of the poker games most exclusive in the world, before that the FBI had done with the business so lucrative that I had mounted. It seems like a golden opportunity to squeeze in to fund the great talent of Chastain and with Sorkin behind, there is hope that it is something more than a vehicle for the showcasing of her.

    In the cast of ‘Molly”s Game’ you will also find other familiar faces for the public at large as Idris Elba, soon we will be able to see in the controversial adaptation of ‘The dark tower’ (‘The Dark Tower’), Kevin Costner, Chris O’dowd, Michael Cera, who recently lent his voice to Robin in the hilarious ‘Batman: The Lego Movie’ (‘The Lego Batman Movie’), and Brian d’arcy.

    unfortunately, we still have to wait until the 5th January to be able to see it in Spain, but long before we’ll have news about whether it really deserves the penalty or not, since its premiere in the united States is set for the 22nd of November. It’s not a bad date to try to scrape a nomination to the Oscar, something that Chastain has already achieved on two occasions -for ‘Maids and ladies’ (‘The Help’) and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’-.

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    Trailer of ‘Molly”s Game’: Jessica Chastain is the muse of Aaron Sorkin in his opera prima
    August 16, 2017

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