Trailer of ‘The crack zero’: José Luis Garci presents the prequel to his legendary saga

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    you have to go back to 1983 to find the date for the premiere of ‘The crack two’, sequel the great film film-noir directed by José Luis Garci just two years before with Alfredo Landa giving life to the private detective Germán Areta. The filmmaker is now to retrieve the character in a prequel titled ‘The crack zero’ from which we can already see your not too inspired trailer.

    Germán Areta will have to investigate on this occasion, the presumed suicide of a famous tailor, Narciso Benavides. A wealthy woman, who was also his lover, get in contact with him because she is convinced that it was not a suicide and the police has shown itself to be not the work to go beyond that. Areta will discover several suspects and discovered that the people not only kill for love or money.

    With delivery renewed

    On this occasion it is Carlos Santos, unforgettable as Luis Roldán in ‘The man of a thousand faces’, who assumes the role of Areta -in the beginning it was planned that was Víctor Clavijo-, while Miguel Angel Muñoz happens to Miguel Rellán in the role of Cárdenes ‘The Moor’. This last choice is the most eye-catching, but it will be better to wait to see the result before complaining.

    Pedro Casablanc, Luisa Gavasa. María Cantuel, Macarena Gómez, Patricia Vico, Raul Merida, Luis Varela and Cayetana Guillen-Cuervo complete the cast of ‘The crack zero’. Its premiere is scheduled for the next October 4. Then we will discover if you have been a good idea to recover the characters or not.

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    Trailer of ‘The crack zero’: José Luis Garci presents the prequel to his legendary saga
    September 12, 2019

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