Twitter and the UNESCO published a manual to help young people to know how to identify the misinformation

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    Twitter and UNESCO have joined in the publication of a manual for the young people to know how to identify the misinformation. to The manual ‘Teaching and learning with Twitter’, designed for teachers and educators, is published on the occasion of the beginning of the Week, World Literacy 2019 of the UNESCO.Says Twitter this manual, the fruit of 18 months of collaboration between the two entities and the support of several Ngos, it is “easy to read, informative, and fun.” Its main objective is to “help the teachers to equip the younger generation of powers in the field of media literacy“.In addition, ensures the social network, the text is going to allow the kids to “ask the right questions about the content that is used online and critically analyze the news and information that are on the service”.The document contains a series of practical guidelines on media literacy of the UNESCO, and a list of readings chosen by specialists of the institution that are to guide the teachers in this topic.Also contains tips for teachers be able to use the platform of microblogging as a learning tool, with specific cases and sections on security online, cyber bullying and the control of the digital footprint.To ensure that you have a broad global reach, the manual will be translated initially into 9 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, japanese, Swedish and indian, and with future plans of translating it for other markets.The social network distribute ‘Teaching and learning with Twitter’ in schools from all over the world through the network of Ngos of UNESCO, the state organizations of education and the european network of Centres for Internet access and Secure.
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    Twitter and the UNESCO published a manual to help young people to know how to identify the misinformation
    October 25, 2019

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