Twitter Lite is less lite: it reaches out to more countries, adds notifications, data saving, night mode and more

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    large applications don’t want to leave anyone out, not even to those who have a mobile phone with barely any free space, and the easiest solution is to launch a light version. Twitter did the same with Twitter Lite about a year ago, and now the experiment is improved and makes it a little less lite.

    In the first major update of Twitter Lite come new very expected. It is the case of the push notifications, night mode, the saved items or the ability to save images in your mobile. It is also available in Google Play in 21 more countries.

    Now in 48 countries

    Twitter Lite arrives to 21 more countries in Google Play. It adds the availability of Argentina, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Romania, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

    These are in addition to the 24 countries for which was already available, reaching a total of 48 countries. If you’re not sure if it is available for your country or not, the easiest thing is that go to Google Play and try it. And if not, no problem: you always can download APK from aquí.

    notifications and night mode


    among the new features of this update include the push notifications, which without a doubt be very welcome by those who were being considered are passed to the Twitter lighter. These work well, without any added (you can’t answer them from the notification, as in the app as normal).

    is also the night mode, which is accessible from the side menu and which in this case is manual, and can not be configured to change by itself. The look is very similar to the night mode of the app for normal Twitter.

    With threads, and saving images


    brings the wire, now you can create directly from the application, and the ability to download images after doing a long tap on them. Twitter also mentions in his list of changes the ability to save tweets for later, although to me personally I do not see that novelty still. Maybe the active little by little.

    In summary, Twitter Lite is much less lite and can do almost the same as Twitter normal. In terms of storage space, not counting caches or data, Twitter is about 62 MB, while Twitter Lite occupies 2.7 MB.

    More information | Twitter
    Xataka Android | Twitter Lite, so you can download the reduced version of its new application for Android

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    Twitter Lite is less lite: it reaches out to more countries, adds notifications, data saving, night mode and more
    August 14, 2018

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