Twitter suspends the account verification after validating an activist of the far right

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    • Twitter validated a few days ago that the profile of the activist of the ultra-right american Jason Kessler, founder of the movement to Unite The Right.
    • Hundreds of users complained about this fact.
    • The company has assumed its responsibility and, with the aim of avoiding more confusion, has suspended the validations and will be reassessed by the system.


    The social network Twitter has decided to temporarily suspend its system of verification of accounts following an incident by which has received countless criticism, the concession of the famous ‘check’ blue the activist of the ultra-right american Jason Kessler.

    Kessler, one of the organizers of the rally of the white supremacist group that last August left three dead in Virginia, received the validation of your profile last Tuesday, hundreds of users it seemed like something inappropriate to you, even more so when Twitter had promised, he did little to take action against the abuse, harassment and expressions of hatred.

    The company has explained that its policy on verification of accounts is awarded when a profile has a projection or “public interest”. However, recognize that “will be interpreted as an endorsement, or an indicator of importance” and assume his responsibility.

    “we Recognize that we we have created this confusion and we need to resolve it. We have paused all of the checks the general while we work on it. Will inform you soon,” he posted to Twitter on his official account.

    Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has also wanted to talk about this issue in similar terms. “We should have acted on this sooner: our agents have continued our policy of verification properly, but we realized some time ago that the system does not work and needs to be reconsidered. the And we fail to do anything about it. now Working to fix it as soon as possible,” she wrote.


    Twitter suspends the account verification after validating an activist of the far right
    November 10, 2017

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