Two new mini-games for Ingress: artifacts and puzzles

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  •  Ingress

    A few months ago we reported that the virtual reality game of Google, Ingress, did not need invitation to be played. Well, since then they have not left out many new, slowly but surely. And yesterday, Google announced two new features for players Ingress Ancient Artifacts (Rare Artifacts) and Glyph Puzzle Shaper Mechanic (Mechanical Puzzle of filing of Glyph , more or less).

    Ancient Artifacts : In this mode 17 artifacts appear among all the cities of the world (Bangladesh, Berlin, Zagreb, Los Angeles …). The objective is that players on both sides have to work together to move all these artifacts to the final destination, Los Angeles, before March 29.

    Glyph Puzzle Shaper Mechanic : This mini games, players can discover new decoding based messages while we’re hacking puzzles. When you complete a puzzle, you gain improved skills to hack new portals.

    Finally, two small additions that make this game even more interesting to Google. Take a look if you have not already tried!

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    Two new mini-games for Ingress: artifacts and puzzles
    February 21, 2014

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