U-tad defines what it takes to be a project manager

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    Francisco Javier Soler monitors video games performed by the students of the university center.

    In the creation of a video game is involved, departments with very different working in the art, the gameplay or the programming. It is necessary for someone to be able to have a vision of the whole and that ensures that the result will be the desired and will have cohesion, and that someone is the director of projects, he should know all the sections of the development, and be able to serve as a bridge between all of them, as we described in this video Francisco Javier Maki Soler, the director of the Project of video Games for the University Centre of Technology and Digital Art (U-tad).

    The method U-tad seeks to provide students with an environment as real as possible, for both students of the master in video games as the students of the Degree in Design of Interactive Products participate in the development of a video game as part of their training, and it is Maki, who has more than 14 years of experience in creating interactive entertainment, who oversees this work and teaches the students the importance of this global vision of the product.

    U-tad defines what it takes to be a project manager

    U-tad defines what it takes to be a project manager
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    March 8, 2019

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