Uber finally arrived in Madrid: rates and details on their operation

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    Uber finally arrived in Madrid: Rates and details of their operation

    • After months of waiting and ads UberX, the adapted version of Uber, just started operations in Madrid.
    • While the CNMC, government and taxi drivers keep their own struggle.

    It’s here, it has already arrived. Uber, version UberX , opens in Madrid. After months of doubt and hope that predicted for March this year, he has rushed to UberX last minute and today, March 30, it is possible to book our ride in a car UberX anywhere in the city through its new application.

    in Madrid , Uber is cheaper than other transport services with its more adapted to the current regulation in Madrid, capital of the country with one of the strictest laws on transport, version 30% has come to changing urban mobility systems . And they reported when they announced they were returning that despite follow the rules, not cejarían in their attempt to change the situation with the aim of providing a new vision for the sector and the future mobility. They want improve rational use of private vehicles and, considering that for the first time in Madrid have imposed traffic restrictions, is a good time. That is why its ultimate goal is to establish UberPool, its collaborative version in Madrid and complement systems existing public transport.

    With a payment system and fully digital reserves, allowing the transparent accounting. The question of all, the great mystery, was knowing how much it would cost UberX in Madrid. We know and is a 30% cheaper in the usual paths and 40% more trips to the airport through its previously established rates:

    • minute: 0.10 €
    • by kilometer: € 1.20
    • minimum Rate per journey: € 5.00
    • cancellation Fee: 5.00 €

    Or what is the same, to go to UberX airport would ask us 20 €, Cabify 25 and a traditional taxi 30 €.

    accounting who also wants to be transparent and adapted to regulation. Drivers have a control system with breakdown of VAT invoices and all identification numbers available at any time. And, of course, be discharged as autonomous.

    Regarding safety, one of the biggest workhorses of Uber, has also been referred to in its new version. All drivers who register on the platform must be free from criminal records , have all insurances and licenses in order. Uber technology verifies the maturities of all these documents and veracity. If any of these were not in order, the driver automatically be out of Uber.


    A Cabify with things clear

    For now, and until the fight between the CNMC and laws of the respective governments of each locality clarify their differences, UberX has to operate in the Madrid market with a almost equal to that system has been practicing Cabify from the pricipio. While it has been said that work with the “Cabify model” or, which is the same only with VTC drivers license. A number of licenses limited to 4,117 in Spain and 1,580 in Madrid, regardless of those found in judicial proceedings, so this small number means for both platforms.

    Cabify is clear that your business will be focused on leading transportation in the world of business the point is that people are talking about that at the time of his arrival, UberX would be competition for the world of cab but is that also for Cabify ; that it operating for a while not only for businesses but also for consumers, it is now a opponent with history and popularity behind it.

    According to Juan Ignacio Garcia Braschi, Country Manager of Cabify in Spain, are in favor of consumers have several options to choose from, remarking that for example in Latin America lead time competing in the market with good results . However, it has also indicated that, although they have opened their borders for services, they are mainly for companies, which contrasts with the last ads platform but leaves between see where the future will focus their greatest efforts:

    “in the end we focus on the business client that offer added value, we have tried to differentiate lot with a very professional service and with a very long history “

    and that competition is good but also gives respect , especially if it is Uber. It’s time to differentiate and protect their land. One area in which drivers will be essential. As is already the case in the United States, where they have already been cases in which the same driver operated for Uber, Line and several other platforms style depending on your needs, in this case want to avoid this issue , although in view Uber is not a bad thing.

    for Juan Ignacio, “the relationship they have with their drivers is long-term” providing a steady stream of income with transparent planning and prior. That is, fleeing changing tariff systems and dependent workflows and demand for these platforms, of UberX in particular, because they want their drivers, or partners as they say, they are happy. Harsh criticism to the California entity but serves to differentiate , and a lot of them. Despite this, if they have to work harder to differentiate from Uber, and the rest of the competition, they will.

    Yulia Grigoryeva / Shutterstock.com

    Yulia Grigoryeva / Shutterstock.com

    Taxi drivers in the crosshairs

    on February 18 the taxi sector, or a part thereof, manifested itself against the report issued by the CNMC in relation to its opinion on the collaborative economy in Spain and the need for end monopolies in transport.

    Fedetaxi believes that the model presented UberX is legal so there are reasonable sue the question was whether today, with the official start of UberX in Madrid, he was going to prepare something similar. Julio Sanz, president of Fedetaxi has confirmed that after the move made last month, which Fedetaxi not seconded, “is not going to do anything against this event , since it was something that was known from long, and is another ad no more. “

    with a very conciliatory position on what is to come confirms that at least Fedetaxi, will not bring any lawsuit against UberX . They know the business model UberX, similar to Cabify, and “consider it legal so you do not see anything wrong with that industry, being another type of competition in the market.” Not complied with the measures limited to the VTC licenses then “yes would study sue” similar to those that led to Cabify to court.

    Regarding struggle they have with the CNMC, with which have differences in Regarding the definition of collaborative economy , maintain a cautious approach for what might happen in the coming months. They know that the advice of the commission is divided, with María Sobrino the leader of the collaborative economy, and your request might end up in court. But that is long term. On the other hand and twist of fate, today at 17:00 representatives of collective taxi drivers are cited in the Ministry of Development to discuss the state of the situation, taking issue with optimism, according to Julio, by the recent approval of the law.


    Uber finally arrived in Madrid: rates and details on their operation
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    March 30, 2016

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