Ubuntu Launcher Phone Experience: Testing Ubuntu OS on your Android Phone

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    ubuntu phone experience

    We talked at length about Ubuntu in this blog. Especially because since last Mobile World Congress had been developing a large scale it would be a dualboot Android and Ubuntu . Something that many of us are attracted by the possibility of join two operating systems on a single smartphone . The power to take your phone everywhere with Android and, when I get home and plug it into a dock with a screen just enjoy Ubuntu is a very attractive option. And that is why we have continued much as we have the development of Ubuntu by Canonical , to the point of see the detail Ubuntu Phone in action. A Ubuntu operating system for mobile that is still giving a lot to talk about.

    Everyone would love to try it in our devices, but of course, do not want to leave aside Android . That’s why some users XDA thought a bit and got down to work to develop what I bring: a software that allows you to try a little taste of Ubuntu Phone without leaving Android. Ubuntu Phone Experience provides us with the tools to transform our interface android in a retail imitate the look of Ubuntu Phone OS .

    ubuntu experience1 phone ubuntu experience2 phone  ubuntu experience3 phone

    But us not only changes the visual appearance , but allows us to interact with the famous sidebar . This serves both to see recent applications to host applications we emplacemos there. The launcher we can also change the opacity bar . In addition to letting us do some things that other launchers also allowed.

    There are two versions. The paid version incorporates more features, like the possibility to cap unlimited applications in the sidebar . But if we want to test Ubuntu experience Phone, serves perfectly free . Although we must keep in mind that is a initial version contains some bugs . It is fully functional from Android 1.6 .

    The free version can be downloaded from the link below. And while Google was in Play , was deleted for a reason that has not been disclosed. Although we believe that is all in the name of the application including the word Ubuntu .

    Download Ubuntu Phone Experience free direct download

    Source: XDA Developers

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    Ubuntu Launcher Phone Experience: Testing Ubuntu OS on your Android Phone
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    February 14, 2013

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