Unity and Google moved tab to convert Chromecast in a very inexpensive and attractive console

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    With the release of una major update to Chromecast in March saw Google had ambitious plans for HDMI dongle: wanted to turn it into a console and gradually convinced that going to get. And there are some games that allow us to send the screen to the TV and play from the mobile and in the future catalog of compatible titles will grow a lot with this new movement we tell you today.

    Google yesterday announced the creation of Google Cast a plugin for Unity Remote Display (one of the tools most popular game design) that serve to help developers to submit their games to Android TV and facilitate the union between the two screens. If all goes well, Chromecast become even more interesting accessory




    The Mountain View have elected a strategic partner to expand the use of Chromecast. Unity is used by many developers, from those who are taking their first steps in this world and reputed names in the industry. When creating this plugin is solved, explain, much of the technical issues so content creators do not have to investigate and do much more to introduce this feature.

    Breaking that barrier and provide facilities should make the number of games with this feature soon increase. We will see, though, whether to implement this plugin is simple enough for developers to decide to introduce and offer it as an option.

    Today we can find some games compatible with Chromecast in Google Play: Scrabble Blitz 2 , Just Dance Now , Monopoly Dash Risk … At the moment the catalog is very small and most titles are adaptations of board games. To play in the future to Candy Crush, Asphalt Urban or Hearthstone, to name a few, would be great.

    Is this movement a constraint for Android TV? A priori, Google is clear that they are two different products and eventually send a game to another screen has a number of technical limitations that are not present in the Nexus Player and other TVs that incorporate this operating system .

    News Unity and Google moved tab to convert Chromecast at a very cheap and attractive console was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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    Unity and Google moved tab to convert Chromecast in a very inexpensive and attractive console

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    December 4, 2015

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