‘UnReal’, more cynical, more controversy and intrigue behind the scenes in his second season


Last summer there were two series all the noise took on social networks. praise from critics and focused most conversations seriĆ©filos’ Mr. Robot ‘and’ UnReal ‘. The first he highlighted by formal commitment he made to tell the story of its protagonist, a hacker with socialization problems and a dark vision of the world. The second featured something that had not been seen so far on television ; the drama behind the scenes of a dating show .

We do not know how to become ‘Mr. Robot ‘in its second season (which premieres USA not until July 13), but we already have the first look at what’ UnReal‘ I have prepared us for the season of your confirmation. The first episode of its second season spear head to further deepen the intrigues , manipulations and wars of egos between those who make ‘Everlasting’.

WARNING sPOILERS : from this point there will be spoilers of the first chapter of the second season of ‘UnReal’

queens ‘UnReal’

And wars of egos looks like it will be a few. Rachel and Quinn are the new Paramount Chiefs of reality show , but that only garners them more infighting for control, or cede control. Both have a revolutionary idea to keep current ‘Everlasting’ and attract public attention after so many years on the air, that the next suitor is black, and that brings a whole new set of problems.

in real inspiration series, ‘ the Bachelor’ has not been a black suitor in his 14 years on the air (yes has been concursantes black), and the reticence to what we see at the start of the season can give us an idea why. Of course, opt for the NFL player (played by BJ Britt) to center ‘Everlasting’ opens ‘UnReal’ a whole new avenue of tensions between the characters, in addition to the possibility of more direct social commentary than in the first delivery.

‘Everlasting’ has a black suitor, something that ‘the Bachelor’ has never had in his 14 years on the air

However, for the moment, what we see is how the new position of power Quinn and Rachel It is to see amenzada by Chet, who returns from a hilarious “paleolithic” retirement to regain his “kingdom”. In fact, there are several open behind the scenes of ‘Everlasting’ fronts. Is Rachel trying to assert themselves as a new showrunner , is a spiteful Jeremy undermining the authority of Rachel whenever possible and, of course, is Chet plotting everything he can to take Quinn control program.

the relationship between Quinn and Rachel will not be easier or strengthened in bonds of friendship. In the first season we saw that want as much as they hate, they need as much as argue and clash, and Quinn finished not give the reins of the show Rachel will not bring anything good for everyone else. Best of ‘UnReal’ is to see Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer screen sharing and especially attend all the ways that the second has to say witty and really terrible phrases.

A by consolidation

Unreal Quinnrachel

The second season of the series getting a major impact on the first is always complicated. Keep level is often more difficult , and ‘UnReal’ seems ready not only that, but to raise their jaundiced and backstabbing. Rachel, for example, seems to be closer to suffering another nervous crisis to strengthen his new position of power, and the war between Quinn and Chet afraid not so much by all creeping things he can do, but because she murders him with her eyes every time she has before.

the tactics of manipulation of the contestants and producers (like that Madison has most likely gotten into a situation that exceeds completely) are far more cruel than we saw in the first season (and already is), and racial policy that will be deployed around the suitor, with the southern a bikini with the Confederate flag and an activist against police brutality against African-American community, can be really interesting to see.

‘UnReal’ looking consolidate among the most provocative television dramas , after getting skip part the reticence often awaken their channel Lifetime. Of course, now, few series there is less complacent and television cruder, and more complex and difficult characters. How far will fall Quinn, Rachel and Chet to achieve their purposes?

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‘UnReal’, more cynical, more controversy and intrigue behind the scenes in his second season
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