USA Edition: Gilmore, Don Draper, O.J. Simpson and

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    Gilmore One week we review some news Relevant who have not found their niche in recent days. It is late season and we have some data goodbye. We also talked about some new titles that are succeeding in sales of rights and a possible return that will please those who read between them Stars Hollow and nostalgia.

    will they return ‘Gilmore Girls’

    We do not want a world of this because we know how the Internet works: an actor says he would be interested in doing a revival if it was proposed, and suddenly the holders of claims about the return of the series in question are populated. The last to do something similar-but going a little further still has been Scott Patterson (who played Luke) in an interview.

    Apparently not only he would participate in the event to become reality, but has dared to confirmed they are in talks for the possible revival of ‘Gilmore Girls’. He has not said more about that which would be the eighth season, but added that no territory to explore in a miniseries or movie for television or cinema. Come on, that will be probing and a little more.

    The end of ‘Mad Men’ numbers

    It is a rarity that the latest episode in a minimally running series is the most watched his story; not only encourages its followers to live (remember that the viewing delayed on cable fiction is an important part of your audience) but may even call spectators who have left the series or other curious eager to participate in the event.

    As for total count of viewers, the latest episode of ‘Mad Men’ has been the most watched his seven seasons . 4.6 million viewers watched the farewell of Don Draper, of which 2 million were in the 18-49 demo, data referring to live + 3. As for the live + same day, the episode has had a 40% audience over previous releases, with 3.3 million viewers and 1.4 in demos.

    The photos of ‘American Crime Story’

    Cuba2d1a 083822dc

    new anthology of Ryan Murphy has started production and have already shown some photos of the cast of ‘American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson ‘. This drama will have the famous case of the trial of OJ Simpson from the point of view of lawyers and think what we can not see until 2016. The format, like ‘American Horror Story’ Murphy, will also be an anthology on and off.

    debutante case we have Cuba Gooding Jr. As Simpson, John Travolta and Robert Shapiro, David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian, Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark and Billy Magnussen as Kato Kaelin, among others. We leave here photo this link to The Hollywood Reporter can see the rest of characterizations.

    More season end

    The seventh season of ‘Modern Family’ goodbye to one of its worst data a 2.2 in demos (last week was 2.7). They also fired ‘Black-ish’ , with its lowest demo (1.6) and Supernatural that kept your data and closed season with a 0.7 in demos.

    The one that is still tearing is ‘Wayward Pines’ , which premiered last week with a 1 in demos and its second episode has upload the data to 1.2 , staying with 4.5 million viewers. A rise strange, since the reviews of the production of M. Night Shyamalan have hardly been favorable.

    Another first was that of the new season of ‘Masterchef’ American, that premiered with two episodes of casting to just over 3 million (1.2 in demos). Surely the thing is higher in a few weeks, when they have reduced the number of contestants.

    Some new titles have the brightest future

    Of the dozens of new series coming to us with the fall season, some may have less black future. It’s hard to survive the screening of the hearings, especially in a highly competitive landscape now, but when a project begins to move freely for other markets , things change. And not because it ensures that the series is going to be good (or succeed), but if more channels paid for rights, there is more scope for the series is considered profitable to less demanding data.

    The case It is that in international acquisitions are already some titles that stand out as ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ (CW), ‘Blindspot’ (NBC), Quantico, Oil and the Catch (ABC), Lucifer (FOX) and ‘Limitless’ (CBS) . These days begin to read some opinions on the drivers as held los screenings in Los Angeles.

    Tele Go! | En what they are and why they are important LA Screenings

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    News Edition USA: Gilmore, Don Draper, O.J. Simpson and more was originally published at Go Tele by Adriana Izquierdo .

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    USA Edition: Gilmore, Don Draper, O.J. Simpson and
    May 25, 2015

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