Valeo confirms that the first car with electric compressor arrive in 2016

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    Valeo confirms that the first car with compressor Electric arrive in 2016

    The electric compressor arrive in 2016 top models and manufacturer Valeo will over the next two years because the competition is not ready to offer an alternative .

    Valeo hard market power of the car without actually considered hybrid, will have a Power very important and fundamental component to the traditional vehicle follow hard on the market the next few years. I speak of electric compressor , a technological way to improve performance and reduce consumption in cars

    The goal of adding an electric compressor in cars is very simple. reduce fuel consumption . And it is able to improve performance by eliminating greatly lag (the delay) of the turbo. To install this type of devices that will demand a lot of energy is necessary to change the wiring in cars, or at least install a 48-volt parallel to the current. Also missing to know if an extra battery will need or just a larger capacity than typical in a vehicle.

    The consumption savings would be 20% average.

    This technology is indirectly inherited from Formula 1 , a competition already used the turbos electrical to improve the performance of the cars. While here we speak of compressors and not of turbos, but the principle is similar.

    Not the first time we Hypertextual the compresor Electric , but it is the first time we do it with a clear date of marketing: 2016 . One or two years earlier than expected do other manufacturers so it is more than possible that Valeo has the exclusive long, perhaps years, a vital refund the product on the market long.

    Hitting is first vital in this industry and Valeo is quite clear, therefore, in 2016 will equip the necessary technology the new Audi Q7 to be the first vehicle to install an electric compressor, and in just two or three years, this technology will midrange


    Valeo confirms that the first car with electric compressor arrive in 2016
    April 16, 2015

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