‘Valerian and the city of a thousand planets’, when the wrapping is beautiful but the gift as what you had

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    Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets Poster1

    Face the adaptation of one of the comics european most prestigious imposes respect. But to Luc Besson the site is simple because for him, as he has said repeatedly, it is the dream almost of a life. Unfortunately, to adapt a comic of the old continent no longer has that aura of glamour but, rather, of malditismo. The work of Jean-Claude Mézières can be the culprit of much of the science fiction modern, but remains well hidden for the large public.

    it Is known the influence that had the bullets of the ‘Valerian and Laureline’ in the series ‘Star Wars’ and the space opera contemporary and, without going further, it seems that the same Han Solo is inspired by ‘Valerian’. All of this is not to say that this new venture outside of the all necessary. It may seem a work of righteousness, but if we’re honest, Besson offers nothing new, nor achieved any improvement on what they already did in the fantastic ‘The fifth element’ (Le cinquième élément, 1997).


    A euro-comic space, as brave and provocative as complacent

    Yes, this is an adaptation of something more concrete, but the immersion in his world is familiar enough from the beginning. And no, I do not interpret it wrong, that something good. In fact, twenty years ago exact, we had the instigators of all of this, Jean Giraud and Jean-Claude Mézières working side by side with the French in the production designs and the art. The result was pure Metal Hurlant, cool distilled and shape on the background. What good, and bad, of this is that ‘Valerian and the city of a thousand planets’ is cousin sister of that.

    Good because it returns to the folly sophisticated and anything american to the subgenre that had almost evaporated during the turn of the century. The bad thing is that, in many aspects, it seems that it has been too much anchored in which it was cool to into the nineties and not just be aware that you will see that Ethan Hawke macarrilla canteen space is as shocking now as high-five your buddy as in ‘The prince of Bel-Air’.

    Valerian 2

    The best of ‘Valerian’ is the double prologue. First, a delicious musical staging with ‘Space OddityDavid Bowie with which the director knows that you can’t fail. The story of how a space station becomes a hornet’s nest interplanetary, a Noah’s ark galactic with all sorts of worlds and species in their interior, is a piece by itself, almost a short that it is linked with another wonder almost without dialog that draws the idyllic life of the planet pearl, a sensory sample of sequential art, and lush fantasy film.

    Orgy lysergic with coitus interruptus

    During the first half, the shiny chained prior manages to keep our interest. is The casting is strange, sexy and different. Despite the fact that the criticism can focus on them, their relationship is subtle, and its characters make sense as a couple of adventures. There’s a touch of eccentricity in each one of its movements, everything is bold and at times, Besson makes us believe that it really has been launched into the vacuum to create a show radical, a blockbuster, which we take to Jorodowsky more seriously than it seems.

    Between a few set pieces more memorable than others, the footage is going to hamper a lack of direction – profile that gives the impression that everything is an amalgam of sketches loose. There are great moments as the dance of Rihanna, the persecution of a certain creature, or the time of “dinner” of some alien race, but its third act, with a villain ordinary (Clive Owen fulfilling without more), it reveals impostado, flaccid and anticlimático. All we have seen is a wrapper, a toy, bizarre, hiding something much more conventional than it wants us to believe.

    Is more, there are times that even seems to have wanted to reach out to a children, creating an effect schizophrenic in the tone between psychedelia and Prêt-à-porter is more of a whim than a conviction. The bathroom colors and the design achieves an effect intoxicant, but it is not enough to recover the dimension artie Hunting, Druillet or Moebius. That’s what we had assimilated in the much more emphatic ‘The fifth element’. It could have been his piece of cult mate, but it lacks the definition and the closure unleashed that promise us their preliminary.

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    ‘Valerian and the city of a thousand planets’, when the wrapping is beautiful but the gift as what you had
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    July 31, 2017

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