Vandal Radio 7×08 – Special Games that we marked

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    We return one more week with our podcast in which we review all the news of the world of video games, on this occasion with a special program.

    As every Friday we return with a new program Vandal Radio, this time with a special program, in which several of the participants of the program recall some of the games that have forever marked, changing their lives of players.

    at The helm of the program is Jose de la Source, with 20 years of experience in radio and creator and conductor of Blade FM for eight seasons, accompanied by editors of Vandal as Jorge Cano, Sara Borondo, Alberto Gonzalez, Alfonso Arribas, Enrique García, Rubén Mercado, Juan Rubio, Carlos Leiva, Fran G. Matas and co-workers as Manuel Martín Vivaldi, give their opinions on various topical issues.

    Vandal Radio 7x08 - Special Games that we have marked

    Vandal Radio 7×08 – Special Games that we marked
    October 11, 2019

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