Vandal TV: Videonálisis of Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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    We will tell you in video why we like the new JRPG exclusive Switch.

    Today on Vandal TV we bring you the analysis on the video of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the new JRPG exclusive Switch that was put yesterday to the sale.


    As we told you in our analysis in text, “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a real cool game. If you like JRPG, it is a purchase almost imperative to: a story with pace and engaging, a combat system deep and addictive, a beautiful world and great to explore, content to spend tens of hours and an audiovisual section of the first level are its main virtues, making the new Monolith Soft, without a doubt, in one of the best exponents has given to the genre in years and the perfect finale to close this great 2017″.

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    Vandal TV: Videonálisis of Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Vandal TV: Videonálisis of Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    December 2, 2017

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