Verdun celebrates one more year, their truce christmas

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    Raising funds for victims of war around the world.

    game of war Verdun, set in the First World War, it introduces us to your trailer christmas. In this video game is common for users to reproduce the truce of christmas, that was in the front.


    historical fact, one of the most emblematic of the conflict, was a truce between soldiers on the front, something that -unfortunately – angered the high commands, who did not see with good eyes a pause in the war that was a aproximamiente among the people, from the other side of the trenches, they were fulfilling orders to kill.

    The event War Child debuted in 2015 and is based on get donations for NGOS around the world who support orphans and victims of war in countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Uganda, central african Republic, Iraq or democratic Republic of the Congo.

    The title toma its name from the bloody battle of Verdun, which killed more than 300,000 soldiers -one of the bloodiest of the war-and we will offer team battles of up to 32 players in the trenches, and different scenarios.

    Verdun celebrates one more year, their truce christmas

    Verdun celebrates one more year, their truce christmas
    December 23, 2017

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