Viddme, upload and share videos anonymously

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    Virtually everything we went back to the Internet has a account user that, or we have to create for that service, or we can log in with your Google account or other social networks. Everything is connected and even more now that Google is giving much prominence to Google Plus, making the most of their services go through there. Something like uploading a video to the network, YouTube is impossible without a user account without that is associated with it, and therefore are not anonymous . Therefore, the development team Bit Kitchen has created Viddme a platform to upload videos to the Internet without records or names.

    Viddme was born with the to facilitate the task to anyone who wants to upload a video to the network, either bullshit or something important you want to share with friends, all without anyone else know who uploaded it , and nor your name or nick appear anywhere, completely anonymous. That is, similar to Imgur service, which accommodates all sorts of images without user account, but with videos.

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    The operation is extremely simple, just need to go to the web Viddme and pick a video or drag the window around, no records or accounts. also has app for different mobile systems, including Android . The application is available on Google Play for free and have the same, simple operation. record a video at the time to upload it, or choose from the gallery

    After the upload is complete, Viddme gives us the in which is housed the clip or to share at the most common social networks, nothing more. From the web site you can see the “top” video although careful when opening it in public places that may have any content . As mentioned, no need no records or data of any kind, but maybe in the future enable optional user accounts for those who want to manage their uploads.

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    Both the service and the Android app is completely free and support from Android 2.3.3. A good option to share files anonymously, instant, anywhere.

    Application Google Play

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    Viddme, upload and share videos anonymously
    January 18, 2014

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