Viewing Android notifications in Windows 10

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    The latest update of Windows 10 includes several new features aimed at better integration of the desktop operating system with their counterparts Mobile, Android included. If yesterday we saw the función Connect for Android screen in Windows, today we will see how Android consult notifications from Windows .

    Android notifications is a feature in Windows Windows that takes some time floating around in evidence in Windows builds for Insiders. In this case, the bridge between Windows and Android is Cortana . Cortana sends notifications Android to Windows, and also works in reverse, performing tasks such as enviar text messages when you ask from Windows


    1. Get yourself Cortana on Android

    Although Cortana takes almost a year in Android, have not been without problems. Since December last year has desactivada listening function (unless you press the button to speak) by incompatibilities with Google Now. Today, Cortana still does not listen unless you’re within the app or use your widget .

    Let this be the reason or other, Cortana is locked on Google Play in almost all countries, or rather, it is just available in the US . It has been over a year since Windows 10 started to offer aggressively to users, and although Cortana has always been one of its most advertised points of time in the other countries we look for life.

    Luckily, nothing prevents you descargar Cortana APK from APK Mirror. I recommend that you download always de pages legit because Cortana requires all permissions, and more, so it would be easy to disguise a malicious application that could exploit these permits to do evil.


    2. Cortana in Windows Active

    Similarly, you must also turn Cortana on Windows, if it is not already. Traditionally, Cortana only appear if Windows was configured in a specific language, in a specific region (commonly, United States and English), but since then the system has become more permissive.

    From the icon Cortana is disabled, which if pressed will be a magnifying glass icon options and select a language from the drop-down menu . After doing this, Cortana will be activated, if you have not logged on with a Microsoft account will ask step by step you do, upon acceptance of certain terms and conditions.


    later you’ll need to change more options, but for now we settle this.

    3. Enables synchronization

    Back to Android, open the application Cortana and see your options. Enter the section Sync notifications and enable those notifications that interest you. You can choose to notify you of missed calls, new messages, when you run out of battery or any other notice of any application


    In the latter case it is necessary give permission to Cortana to access the system notifications . After doing so you can choose precisely which applications to receive notifications in Windows.


    the text in small print on the application for Android Cortana tells you that synchronization is in Beta and activated in theory only for” Insiders “(Beta testers of Windows ). In theory it should now funcionarte the Anniversary Update is official, but if not at least you can receive notifications of missed calls.

    Windows , once you already have activated Cortana, not you should not need to change any additional option, but just in case you can go to the options Cortana and make sure the Send notifications Between devices option is enabled.


    The synchronization works, but still lacks

    you are ready. The next time you have a missed call and your phone has a connection to Cortana Android network will arrange to send the message to Cortana for Windows, which will show the missed call in the notification of Windows.

    Missed Call

    when you expand the notification, or by clicking on it, you can compose and send a text message to the person who called you, directly from Windows. Again, Cortana for Windows will pass the message to Cortana Android , which ends the play.


    in the case of notifications from other applications with Windows version (eg, LINE), Windows does not pass the occasion to invite you to install the Windows version. If the notification is a messaging application Facebook Messenger, you can also reply directly from the notification .

    As a user of both Android and Windows, this integration of notifications Android in Windows is much appreciated, although admittedly still missing odd twist . For example, if you start writing a long message to meet someone and change temporarily to another application, your previous text is lost forever

    In Engadget Android. | Cómo use your Android from Windows 10 easily without installing anything more

    The news Viewing Android notifications in Windows 10 was originally published in ​​ Engadget Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    Viewing Android notifications in Windows 10
    August 3, 2016

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