Vin Diesel tops the list of the actors most tellers of 2017

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    With the ongoing film 2017 —that would say Andres Montes— coming to an end, the time comes to pull out the calculator and do the balance crematístico of rigor. After reviewing the great successes and failures commercial of the year, it is time to focus our attention in the panorama of actors and discover who they are the performers, most tellers of the past twelve months.

    The list, compiled by the magazine Forbes, situated Vin Diesel as the actor whose films 2017 combined have provided the biggest revenue; specifically $ 1,600 million. The astronomical figure comes from the sum between the astronomical collection of ‘Fast & Furious 8’ -1.200 million— and the non-negligible 346.1 million dollars of ‘xXx: Reactivated’; interestingly, two sequels of franchises that were born with Diesel.

    Dwayne Johnson Vin Diesel

    In the second position of the multi-millionaire ranking is situated Dwayne Johnson, who treads the heels of Diesel, with whom he shared the limelight in Fast & Furious 8′. The skid of ‘Baywatch: the watchmen of the beach’, which only managed to make with 178 million of dollars, has been relegated to The Rock the second rung of the podium. Luckily, the amazing ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’ has been given a last push, thanks to the 125 million and a half that has been collected until the day of Christmas.

    The meritorious bronze medal has taken the charming Gal Gadot, whose role of wonder woman in ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘justice League’ has rich Warner Bros. in 1.469 million dollars; 882 million obtained from the film lone rider and 647 million of the disappointing meeting of the supergroup of Detective Comics.

    Gal Gadot

    Top 10 actors more tellers, 2017

    1. Vin Diesel ($ 1,600 million)
    2. Dwayne Johnson (1.500 million)
    3. Gal Gadot (1.469 million)
    4. Emma Watson (1,300 million dollars)
    5. Johnny Depp (1,100 million dollars)
    6. Daisy Ridley (1.080 million)
    7. Tom Holland (884 million dollars)
    8. Chris Pratt (864 million dollars)
    9. Chris Hemsworth (845 million dollars)
    10. John Boyega (815 million dollars)

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    Vin Diesel tops the list of the actors most tellers of 2017
    December 27, 2017

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