‘Vis a vis’, welcome to the strength of the female characters

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    For a long, long time and not in a distant galaxy precisely, we get used to that in fiction series, the female characters occupy secondary profiles , always under the hegemony of male, hero, El Salvador, the seamless protagonist. Even too, always the evil powerful antagonist.

    But fortunately, all that has changed and, over time, we have been met us with wonderful stories that have female characters on which lies the plot. That is the bet of a Spanish series that has surprised us pleasantly. In ‘ Vis a vis ‘ we live with the inmates on a prison, one day a complicated and hard day that requires them to show great strength. How are these female characters that we are both dazzling


    Maca, the good girl who learns to survive


    The actress Maggie is the protagonist Civantos ‘Vis a vis’ his character is a “fish out of water”, a sweet, shy, sensitive would never have imagined that would end in prison. The choice of this character is not far from a fluke. Maca is living as a interesting development that is becoming one of the keys to the success of the series.

    Maca could represent perfectly to any medium-profile individuals they just behind bars almost without realizing it. Your modosas attitudes and educated hit the way the rest of the inmates working in a medium, often find it downright hostile. But along the chapters, we have seen the growth of Maca, an awakening that drives him to change his behavior to resist, to survive. A very intense character arc that we are keen to see how close

    The wicked bad


    Of course, some of the most interesting characters are interpreted by the antagonists. First, we have to Zulema , which gives life to one Najwa Nimri that feels great character. Zulema is not so hidden leader of a faction of the prison that has dominated the rest of her classmates. It seems that does not happen one step at Southern Cross until he is back. Their presence is intimidating and does not need to speak to be respected.

    Saray is your right hand, the arm of his plans. A lot of them it’s surprising performance as an actress Alba Flores, who has not been lavished much on TV but promises a lot. Saray is a bully of a lifetime, brawling and swashbuckling. But also suffers, so goes bad for love, for being a lesbian and that’s what makes great series like ‘Vis a vis’, you are able to us empathize even with the cruelest .

    We also have to Anabel, a very interesting character because another profile is also very recognizable. Smooth and even cloying ways, rarely shows his true and perfidious character, but when you do, shake up the stones. The false friend , the accomplice who never has been, is one of those characters who always reserve some surprises.



    In this prison, fortunately, Maca also has valuable allies . Are profiles necessary to develop frames. The character of Curly fulfills two functions: first, it is the best friend of the protagonist but on the other, is his love interest. Between the two is a very interesting link is created by all the connotations that it determines.

    Sole is that character we have in so many fictions that represents the knowledge , but also the experience and poise. It acts only when necessary and all prisoners the respect and even admire. Your profile protective assistant who always has good advice to give is fundamental to the growth of the protagonist in prison.

    Live series that offer us different histories and, above all, those who bet on strong, determined and active women . Hopefully when the example.

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    ‘Vis a vis’, welcome to the strength of the female characters
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