Vodafone announces price Samsung Galaxy S5 golden exclusively

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    Yesterday knew the deals Movistar, Yoigo and Orange for the new Samsung Galaxy S5 , and now Vodafone made public its proposal to provide the latest top-end smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer.

    Recall that unlike the other operators, Vodafone model available exclusively in gold S5 Galaxy 32GB memory (16GB internal storage 16GB microSD card). Like other companies, Vodafone will sale on April 11 but you can buy today through the shop to be the first to receive it.

    S5 Samsung Galaxy Gold exclusively with Vodafone

    The price of Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold varies with Vodafone and the contracted rate if purchased before 10 April will be a discount of up to 50 €. As a bonus, all customers will receive 6 months free of Napster, the music streaming platform.  gold galaxy s5

    The following prices are subject to 24 months stay in Vodafone and 18 in Price , and are not cheap. Specifically, with the Red M, which includes unlimited calls and 1.2GB of data, rate S5 Gold is in a down payment of 19 € (from 11 April) and a fee of € 55.36 (VAT included) per month . So is the rest of rates

    • Base GB . Downpayment presale 99 €, then € 149 + € 30.36 Fee / month
    • Smart S : down payment on presale 59 €, then € 109 + Fee € 37.36 / month
    • Smart M: Initial payment presale 49 €, then € 99 + fee € 44.36 / month
    • Red S: down payment for Pre 0 €, then € 29 + fee € 49.36 / month
    • Red M : down payment for Pre 0 €, then € 19 + fee € 55.36 / month
    • Red L : down payment on presale € 0, then 0 € + Fee € 61.36 / month
    • Red XL: down payment on presale € 0, then 0 € + Fee € 79.36 / month

    A fairly high prices , especially in tighter rates, and subject to permanence. Remember you can read all the features of Samsung Galaxy S5 here, and our Video touchdown.

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    Vodafone announces price Samsung Galaxy S5 golden exclusively
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    April 5, 2014

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