Wallpapers Google added a lot of new funds for quality

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    wallpapers Google added a lot of new funds quality

    It has become more or less an annual tradition. With the first Pixel reached us the -then – new app wallpapers Google and a year later with the Pixel 2 adding new funds. Now, after it has been submitted to the Pixel 3, you can expect what comes after: they have been added more wallpapers Google Wallpapers.

    With the funds of screen passes as with everything: in the end, you end up getting bored. The application allows you to rotate the funds of a certain category, after a year rotating the same as they do not cause the same impression, very good they were. Get ready, because arrives fresh blood to one of the best application of wallpapers for Android.

    More funds on art, life, earth, textures and landscapes


    Not included in this occasion new categories, but have included more funds in a number of categories. You will be easy to know in which as the categories updated appear at the top, and at least part of the new funds listed above of the above.

    Specifically, the category of landscapes receives approximately a dozen new funds, while textures also see their numbers fattened. the Earth, which traditionally included satellite photos, features NASA images of planets and galaxies.

    Life increases its ranks with mostly photos of flowers (and other) and finally art takes a turn to something more abstract with new funding of colorful paint spots among others. As always, you can opt for a specific fund or the wallpaper daily.



    The news wallpaper of Google adds a bunch of new funds for quality was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Ramirez .

    Xataka Android

    Wallpapers Google added a lot of new funds for quality
    Source: www.xatacandroid.com  
    October 11, 2018

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